This is what photojournalist Kiran Kreer been doing for more than a decade now


Kiran Kreer, who has been a photojournalist over the last 11 years, in Jafna, Sri Lanka in 2016

By Shalini Jay | FMT | Malaysia |

Kiran Kreer has always had a love for photography but, for a time, found himself living the corporate life in Kuala Lumpur.

During this period, he found himself very unhappy – even depressed. “It’s very easy to lose yourself,” the Ipoh-born said in reflection.

It took a two-month backpacking trip to India in 2011 to rekindle his passion for telling stories through photos. This fire burned even brighter two years later when he volunteered with disaster-relief teams during the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

“I realised I wanted to create awareness for those who don’t have a voice, and pictures can tell a lot of stories. That became my life,” he said.

To wit: over the past 11 years, Kiran has travelled to nearby and faraway places to document events and the lives of fellow human beings.

His colourful social media profiles are filled with striking, often poignant images of his travels across Malaysia and to distant lands such as India, West Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia; with detailed descriptions, musings and philosophies on humanity and life in general.

More soberly, he has visited places hit by natural disasters to tell the stories of those affected by tragedy. These include the Gunung Kelud volcano eruption in 2014; the Nepal earthquake the following year; as well as floods in Chennai and, closer to home, in Malaysia’s east coast.

Through this work of immortalising both the significant and the everyday, the 46-year-old told FMT he has learnt the importance of living a life “where the act of giving, more than receiving, is the norm”.

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