Patient who objected to ‘Asian doctor’ silenced by receptionist

Dr Punam Krishan – Photo: Personal Facebook

A GP has praised the receptionist at a Glasgow surgery for silencing a patient who said they did not want to see an “Asian doctor”.

Dr Punam Krishan took to Twitter to express her pride in her team – and described the positive response to her post as “uplifting”, reports BBC News.

She said the receptionist had explained that Dr Krishan was Scottish, only to be told: “She doesn’t look Scottish.” The receptionist then replied: “What do Scottish people look like?”

Dr Krishan said this silenced the patient, who then took their appointment card.

She told BBC Scotland that this was not the first time she had experienced such attitudes. “I am aware that it happens across the board but we rarely talk about it,” she said.
“There is no reason or place for it.”

Last summer she wrote a column for The Scotsman about GP burnout, but the comments on the newspaper’s website had to be disabled after it was targeted by racist comments. Dr Krishan described the backlash in a follow-up article for the Huffington Post in which she admitted being “haunted” by some of the remarks, the report added.

This is how she described her growing up in the latter article:

“I was born and brought up in Glasgow. A third generation Indian, my parents came here with nothing and worked tirelessly building a business from the ground up in order to raise and support two daughters, providing us with the ability to be able to stand on our own two feet. Growing up, my life was split between helping out in the family newsagents or doing schoolwork. We had no luxuries and this was fine because I had all the love and encouragement I could ask for.

To support myself during my education, I held down two jobs. In addition to helping my dad in his shop, I worked in a nursing home looking after the venerable and the vulnerable as well as in a pizza place. My only point is that anything I have today, material or otherwise, is the product of grafting and hustling, and I believe that I have earned every bit of it.”

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  1. Love her story- resonates with so many stories in Malaysia and Singapore where we are passing 3rd and 4th generation.