The Hijacking of Sikhi: After releasing book, Dr Karminder starts 12-part video series


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Fresh on the heels of a 12-part Sikhi Concepts video series, Sikh author and preacher Dr Karminder Singh Dhillon is now onto to his next Sikhi understanding adventure. This time, the planned dozen video series will dig into the main themes of his book, The Hijacking of Sikhi, which was released last year.

In the new series – with the first video already out – the speaker intends to reveal why, how, when and who were the hijackers of Sikhi. The series will lay out the roles played by the hijacker group in corrupting, distorting and damaging Guru Nanak’s Sikhi. Click here to catch the first video.

The Hijacking of Sikhi is a 420-page book containing 17 chapters that stitches together the author’s more recent writings, fortified further with argument as to what has gone wrong in transmitting Sikhi for so long now. If you have read the book, you cannot but notice the author’s strong views on the topic. Now, you can listen to them in this video series.

‘The Hijacking of Sikhi‘ is no easy read. But it is an essential read for those who want to examine if they’ve got their Sikh understanding right, according to a review published at Asia Samachar.

In the recently concluded series of 12 lectures on Sikhi Concepts, Karminder dissected questions like what does the Guru Granth Sahib, or the Sikh scripture, say about after life? What about heaven and hell? Salvation? What happens to our ancestors? And does Gurbani actually accept — lock, stock and barrel — the commonly held belief on reincarnation – that one dies and is reborn as this or that? If those topics are of interest, you can start here.


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