Role of Sooraj Parkash in corrupting authentic Sikhi

The foundation of Nirmla corruption of Sikh history was laid in the massive 14 volume granth named Sooraj Parkash, argues author Karminder Singh Dhillon. In this sixth of the in the Hijacking of Sikhi video series, he examines the damage done to authentic Sikhi by the Nirmlas through the corruption of Sikh history. "This granth stands as the epitome of Nirmla distortion," he says.


By Karminder Singh Dhillon | Opinion |

Authored in 1843 by ‘Kavi Churamani’ Bhai Santokh Singh, a shining star and doyen of the nirmla sect, the Sri Gur Partap Sooraj Granth commonly known as simply ‘Sooraj Parkash‘ (Epicentre of Enlightenment) is perhaps the most voluminous and largest text of Sik history and philosophy. It stands as the root instrument pertaining to the nirmla (also spelt: Nirmala) hijacking and distortion of Sikhi.

It is written in complicated Brij poetry language – with an almost complete brahmanical and Vedic twist. The subject matter of the Sooraj Parkash comprises the Ten Gurus and the story of Banda Singh Bahadur.

The Sooraj Parkash was translated exhaustively into prose Punjabi, by nirmla Bhai Vir Singh in a 14-volume annoted edition published during the period 1927-35. It is a tragedy that Vir Singh is held in such high esteem in the Sikh Panth, when his biggest contribution is to popularise the distortion of the lives of our Gurus. In essence, Vir Singh first brought the elitist Sooraj Parkash into the grasp of the lay Sikh.

Vast number of Sikh historians such as Principal Satbir Singh have merely regurgitated the Sooraj Parkash without making any attempt to weigh its contents against its principles of Sikhi, Gurmat and Gurbani.

As an indication of the deep rooted nature of the nirmla infiltration into Sikh thought, despite its massive adulteration, the original Sooraj Parkash remains the standard text for all dera and taksal trained Clergy – granthis and kathakaars in particular. It is usual for these kathakaars to hold serial discourses on the text of Sooraj Parkash in the gurdwaras, normally in the afternoons or evenings. The same is done in the Darbar Sahib Complex on a daily basis.

A sampling of the fake, mischievous and utterly blasphemous of the Sooraj Parkash in in order.

ONE: Guru Hargobind “eloped” with a married woman named Kaulan, brought her to his Darbar and married her. Her father, a Kazi comes to collect money for horses that were owed to him by the Guru. Baba Buddha received the Kazi and says: Sunn Bidh Bhakhyo Sehj Subhaye. Tumrey Gur Jvayi Bann Jaye. To Kaisey Dhan Laibo Dharey Arpub Nij Tanja Kre (5th Raas, 17th Ans). Meaning: Listen calmly to what I say. The Guru is now your son-in-law. Why then would you be entitled to any money. Dedicate to him on behalf of your daughter. The Guru used to abandon the recitation of Sukhmani bani midway to see Kaulan whenever she desired the Guru.

TWO: Guru Har Rai had 8 wives, all of whom were sisters. His first marriage when was 10. Youngest wife was 6 years of age. His son Ram Rai was born out of Guruji’s relations with his servant girl.

THREE: Guru Amardas ji did not wash his hair for a long time. Head lice and worms developed to the point of dropping out of his hair, whence he would pick up and place them back onto his head.

FOUR: Guru Angad developed leprosy on his thumb, it was cured by Sri Chand.

FIVE: After arguing about the futility of the practice, and after composing Gurbani to that effect, Guru Nanak ultimately wore the Janeyu (sacred Hindu thread) upon being convinced by the Pandit. Some 35 years later when he visited Bhai Lalo, his Janeyu was still on his body.

[The author shares 15 more such examples in the book].

Nirmla Santokh Singh thus stands as the lead hijacker of the Sikh belief system and the Sooraj Parkash Granth as his primary weapon. He stands as the one nirmla doyen, an icon and epitome of the massive and deepest corruption of the Sikh psyche. His success is unmated. Permanent perhaps.

His adulteration of Sikhi of our Guru sits within the deepest recesses of the Sikh mind, institutions and our clergy. It is difficult to imagine that Sikhs would be able to free themselves form the shackles of the darkness that nirmla Santokh Singh transmitted through Sooraj Parkash.

(Extracted from writer’s book The Hijacking of Sikhi published in 2020]


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