UK’s Aghia Pal shares experience in Nepal

Wallsall Advertiser | UK | Asia Samachar | 24 May 2015

Aghia Pal Singh, one of the first international search and rescue team member to land in Nepal after the devastating earthquake on April 29, shares his story in an interview with a UK newspaper.

He is a communications engineer at West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) who volunteered for United Kingdom International Search and Rescue Team (UK ISAR) in 2009.

Aghia Pal spoke to Asia Samachar while he on his tour duty in Nepal. [See Venturing out in Nepal still difficult, says UK search and rescue member].

In this latest interview, he says: “But because we are a heavy search and rescue team, we can’t just pitch up in a country as we please. We need to go through Europe and the cabinet office, or the country needs to request assistance first.

“Once we get the signal, within two hours, we could be going anywhere within the world.

“We are self-sufficient for seven to 14 days. There’s a finite window when you can go and save lives. After three to five days, the survival rate drops.”

For full story, go here. [Walsall search and rescue volunteer recounts aftermath of Nepal earthquake, Walsall Advertiser, 21 May 2015]


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