APL: Pulapol Eagles still at the top

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 1 September 2016 Asia Samachar |
APL Match Day 4
APL Match Day 4

The haze threatened the day before and the clouds rumbled across the Klang Valley with short fierce showers at pockets but the weather around Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Kampung Pandan was as gorgeous as ever. This made sure the mood was excellent for game and battle for supremacy for all teams that made their way early in the morning.

Klang Rangers got off to a flying start trouncing the Lions of Beruntung Hills by winning 4-0. Before we could catch our breath, we witnessed the biggest win of the day. It was a magnificent win for the Pulapol Eagles, completely outplaying the Panthers of Titiwangsa  10-0.

The Sardars of Selayang then overpowered the Lions of Kampung Pandan 6-0.

The high octane high scoring action then slowly tapered down as the sun bore down on the pitch with its punishing heat. Regular title contenders Akaal Warriors and Iron River Kings fought each other hard which ended with a hard earned win for the Warriors with 2-0.

Newcomers Lions of Seremban worked hard to get some points off the other Lions from Beruntung Hill but succumbed to a loss of 2-1.

And then the action picked up again with the Klang Rangers registering a convincing 7-0 win over the Kampung Pandan Lions. It looks fairly good for the Rangers and they sit pretty at the top half of the table, even glancing at the top to dislodge whoever is there.
Selayang Sardars got a hard earned win over the Panthers of Titiwangsa, winning 3-2. All sweat and glory.

Giants from last season Pulapol Eagles and the Rawang Akaal Warriors slugged it out in a no-holds-barred game with the eventual victors being the majestic Eagles winning with a narrow 3-2 score line.

The last game of the day saw the Kings of Iron River comfortably dismissing the Seremban Lions 3-1.

Puloapol Eagles are already making the case that they should be champions of the league come end of the season, going unbeaten after 8 games with only a draw and 7 wins. All eyes are on them to see if they can fight off the heat from the other teams below them.

The Eagles’ striker Akeysh Singh’s double hat-trick makes him top scorer of the tournament thus far with a whopping 20 goals under his belt. The best defense is a good offense, well at least for the Eagles. The hot seat was previously held by Rajvinderjit of the Iron River Kings who only managed one goal for this Match Day (Match Day 4).

The Lions of Kampung Pandan and Seremban need to lick their wounds and pick up better in the next games. This applies to the Titiwangsa Panthers as well.

This was a good day for the Sardars of Selayang, finding their winning form with 2 excellent wins.


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4. TBC (either Nov 13 or 20)

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