Karpal Singh deeply missed in this election

The late Karpal Singh (centre) with Anwar Ibrahim
By Jagdip Singh | MALAYSIA | OPINION

“I appeal to Mahathir Mohamad, be a man, don’t run away, you must answer for all you have done in the 22 years of your reign in this country – Karpal Singh ‘Tiger of Jelutong’

This mountain of a man, the original roar within the Parliament and the man who taught me the meaning of the ‘Rule of Law’. His presence was deeply missed in this election, especially since his own party was in the same coalition with the same man he was hell bent on getting to answer for his wrong doings.

I honestly do not know what he would think of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed becoming the Prime Minister again, and whether he would have supported it. He was as vocal in opposition of the Tun, as he was smart and willing to do things for the betterment and for justice to prevail in this country.

Though I feel he’d agree having the Tun in power surrounded by people who’d keep him in check, would be a better deal than having the previous PM in power still. Case in point being his willingness to work with PAS, the ones who championed the Hudud Law, for which he was vociferously against, ‘over my dead body’ he said.

His relationship with another missed leader Tuan Guru Nik Aziz of PAS during that time was one of mutual respect, not necessarily friends, despite being nemesis’s for the longest time. In the case of the Tun, Karpal may just have agreed with his long time friend and comrade Lim Guan Eng for this uncanny symbiotic relationship with the Tun and the many now ex-UMNO/BN members. And I’m pretty sure Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction that Tun is the right man for the job would have swung him, the irony though the same man who put him in jail is bring him out.

Nevertheless his legacy still remains, through his cubs, one of them, Sangeet Kaur was vocal that she did not believe Karpal would agree to the current arrangement! Ramkarpal Singh Deo further strengthened his foothold on his dads old stomping ground. Jagdeep Singh Deo continues to work in the shadows further strengthening DAP. Whilst the man who proudly shouted ‘Singh is King’s son, Gobind Singh Deo carries on the legacy now looking more like his dad features wise!

It would have been great to see how he would have worked with Tun, his opinions on the EC’s delay, the legal opinion on Tian Chua and the Rantau nomination mishap and know him he’d clearly have something to say about the delay by YDPA’s delay in swearing in Tun. But most of all him I would have loved to him rolling into Istana Negara as the part of the winning coalition!

Hopefully he is elated to democratically take down the previous Government, where ever he is, ‘jangan main-main’ still rings in the hearts of those who remember him during #PRU14.

Jagdip Singh is currently studying law in Kuala Lumpur 

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