Will Malacca semagam go ahead after Vidyala drops out?

With this, decision whether to proceed with the programme in May falls on Malacca gurdwara

By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

One of the two main organisers of Malacca’s largest annual Sikh prayer gathering in the memory of Baba Sohan Singh has decided to skip the programme this year in view of the still potent threat of the novel coronavirus.

Sant Sohan Singh Ji Melaka Memorial Society Malaysia (SSSJMMSM), popularly known as the Vidyala, has decided to cancel its involvement in the programme scheduled for 22-24 May.

“The committee has agreed to call off this year’s semagam regardless of the decision of the Malacca gurdwara,” SSSJMMSM president Rajinder Singh told Asia Samachar.

With this, the decision whether to proceed with the programme, popularly known as the Malacca Barsi, will fall on Gurdwara Sahib Malacca (GSM), the primary organiser of the massive event which attracts anything above 50,000 people from Malaysia and neighbouring Singapore and Indonesia.

In a telephone conversation last week, GSM president Tirat Singh told Asia Samachar that the committee had yet to reach a final decision.

“It’s a major programme and the decision lies beyond the committee. It has to be the Malacca sanggat’s decision,” he said.

“We have two chat groups running at the moment. One is for feedback and the other to disseminate news.”

SSSJMMSM’s decision is likely to weigh in on the Malacca gurdwara to decide likewise.

A decision at this point of time will allow the regular attendees to cancel their hotel bookings, some of which are done months ahead.

On the health front, the Malaysian authorities has banned all major gatherings, including at places of worship, until 14 April under the movement control order (MCO) which began on 18 March. If the Covid-19 spread does not slow down, the decision may be further extended.

Sohan Singh (1901-1972), the former granthi of Malacca gurdwara, is one of the most respected Sikhs in the region.

Officially known as the Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji Salaana Yaadgar Semagam, the event is the largest annual gathering of Sikhs in Southeast Asia.



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