Letter: Discontinue use of Khanda in promotion of alcohol

Please save our holy image or we will be a laughing stock to the rest of the world for failure of protecting our sanctity - HARVINDER KAUR



Dear Editor,

Good day to you. I am writing pertaining to the matter stated in the header of this email. As this is a matter of utter importance, I would like to highlight some points.

Firstly, the Khanda is a symbol of our Sikh faith. The Khanda was brought about in the first decade of the 20th century. Khanda was the first thing created by Akal Purakh and used to create this universe. This makes the Khanda a very sacred object.

Secondly, a Sikh is initiated by the Khande di Pahul again which makes it so sacred. So how can such a sacred image be equalised with something so impure as alcohol? How can we allow alcohol to tarnish our holy image? Have our inner selves stooped so low?

Please recall the Mughal whom once stripped off a Sikhs hair and in the end he had to be beaten on the head by that very same Sikh’s shoes to be relieved of his illness. And this is a holy image. Should God be angered we will all be punished by his wrath.

There is a huge religious significance of the Khanda. The double edged sword symbolizes the power of God, chakra reminds us that there is no beginning or ending of God and also the two swords reminds us the concept of Miri Piri. We bow down our head in front of Guruji where by the Khanda is placed below him. If Khanda is used with alcohol image it means we have bowed down to alcohol being superior than God and it is utmost shame if we let that happen.

All the above points are my reasons for supporting on the ban of use of Khanda as image on alcohol promotion by SSU Kelab Aman. Please save our holy image or we will be a laughing stock to the rest of the world for failure of protecting our sanctity. Please also suggest to come up with a law of severe penalty for those who misuse religious symbols.

The above are based on my research. If there are any incorrect information and mistakes, phul chuk maaf. I sincerely hope a stern action is taken.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Harvinder Kaur, Malaysia


* This is the opinion of the writer, organisation or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Asia Samachar.



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  1. My sincere apologies in my last message, it was meant to be akal purakh, not what the auto correction decided.Very sorry. Guru Rakha

  2. Sadhu Singh ji ,Mihan Singh introduced the first notion of a khanda on the coin in Kashmir in 1835 there abt.It is a pity that this column has no facility to share picture of that first crude khanda design on the coin.I have a photo.of it.
    Later khalsa raj, made it clearer and more recognisable and the British bettered it.

    Currently, puranic baba misfit fellows are trying to totally change it by adopting Vedic/puranic badges etc described in a munitions factory list erroneously called sarbloh and being passed off as guru writing.

    The Gurus were followers of Akal purakh, not weapons or items .Sangat are being lied to like we see in King Gaporri Thaker Sion of dum dum jatha.

  3. While I agree with the idea, the khanda should not b associated with alcohol, some of the mitigation is hilariously hard to swallow or basically old mother’s tales abt the khanda.

    Too many people today rely on Wiki guru to get “facts”

    The khanda is only a poor ‘symbol’ of Sikhism.But it certainly is, a national emblem, a universally recognised one, of the Sikhs.

    The khanda did not come from any akal purakh.Such childish baba type claims remind me of the delusional PARCHARAKS OF SIKHISM,like we see in Thakur Singh Gappi of the fake dum dum ” tksaal”

    People like him have spread so much lies and old mum stories that Sikhs are so confused today, between their Guru Granth Sahib and planted fake puranic literature being passed off as “bani”

    He even claims the attack upon the Darbar Sahib was as result of meetings between Guru Gobind Singh and Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala, then agreed, the darbar Sahib should be attacked.It looks, we have been blaming indira for no reason!!It was after all the idea of Guru ji and bhindrawala, according to this Thakur Gappi

    The khanda is really a double edged sword,on its own.

    Later,in later times of khalsa raj, the chakra-oneness of world and two swords of miri and piri were added.

    The khanda first originated in it’s current
    form on a coin,which was minted by the governor of Kashmir, Mihan Singh Kumdem during his tenor between 1834 and 1841.

    With time, it was adopted on the Flag of the khalsa raj,on a blue Nishan Sahib.

    The British adopted the same khanda for their Sikh units of the East India company army, and popularised it.

    Today, derawadhi misfits are also trying to change the shape of khanda, following the teachings of fake books, and adopting Hindu Sanskritic symbols as per their ba chiter natak teachings.

    The current colour of the Nishan Sahib as is today was adopted by the largely derawadhi Influenced Sikhs, with backing of the arya samaj in late 1800s.It is the element responsible for introduction of many fake books as writings of the “Sikh gurus” etc.

    One would not dare to use the cresent and moon of the Malaysian flag to promote alcohol or pork, likewise it is not acceptable for the khanda to b abused by anyone with inappropriate items, alcohol in this case.

    The open admission and step by the club to change is most welcome.44 years ago, when the club was sat up, I m sure 99.99%, alcohol usage was not their objective.In fact, it is admirable honesty of the club to b willing to remove the khanda logo, and far better if the word Sikh too, is removed.

    But do not spread unfounded tales abt the khanda.Too many who boost falsehood and miracle relating stories may now be associated with khanda, but Sikhism is abt living in reality and within Gurbani.

    The writer is perhaps confused between the khanda and origins of the Nishan sahib, that has a history of said origins, relating to Akal Purakh

    Alcohol is a cancerous disease among Sikhs in Malaysia.Many studies have proved it.Gurcharan Singh Kulim has written a detailed study on it couple years ago.It needs to b addressed separately.