Singh’sbury Local opens in Wolverhampton

Mandeep Singh Chatha and his newly opened convenience store – Photo: Metro UK
By Basit Mahmood | METRO UK | UK |

A shop owner could be in legal hot water after he opened a shop called Singh’sbury Local.

Mandeep Singh Chatha, 34, insists that the it is just a coincidence that the sign’s font and colour scheme are similar to those of Sainsbury’s.

He and his wife Hardeep opened the shop in Wolverhampton last month and it has been popular, with some locals taking selfies in front of it.

Mandeep explained how he came up with the name, which is registered with Companies House.

He said: ‘My name is Singh and it is on Bushbury Road. That’s where the name has come from. It’s just a coincidence.’

Sainsbury’s has previously threatened legal action against other businesses which have pulled similar stunts.

In 2017 businessman Jel Singh Nagra renamed his North Tyneside shop Singhsbury’s. He changed it to Morrisinghs after being threatened with legal action.

Morrison’s backed the idea saying ‘Mr Nagra and his customers obviously have good taste so we wish him well.’

To read the full story, ‘Man who called his shop Singh’sbury Local insists it’s ‘just a coincidence’’ (Metro UK, 23 Jan 2020), go here.

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