Mujra dancers detained in dawn raid of Bollywood-styled joints in KL

| Kuala Lumpur | 3 Sept 2016 | Asia Samachar |
A photo grab from TV3 news video on police dawn raid at three Bollywood-styled joints in Kuala Lumpur
A photo grab from TV3 news video on police dawn raid at three Bollywood-styled joints in Kuala Lumpur

Police detained eight women, believed to be foreign mujra dancers without valid immigration documents, when they raided three Bollywood-styled entertainment joints in Kuala Lumpur early this morning.

In the dawn raid which began at 1.30am today (3 Sept 2016), customers were watching the Bollywood-type dancing performed by the lady dancers.

The police team from the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters raided the three joints on suspicion that they employed dancers without the appropriate permits, according to a report by TV3, a local Malaysian television station.

They inspected some 30 women from Nepal, Bangladesh and India.

Three local guards at the joints were also detained to assist investigation. Initial checks show that the joints were duly licensed to operate, the report added.

“No going mujraaa,” commented a Facebook user who spotted the news.

The mujra dance originated during the Mughal era as a form of dance for the tawaif, or courtesans of the period. The dance is a blend of artistic dance and eroticism. In more modern times, mujra dancers are commonly hired to dance at official occasions such as weddings and bachelor parties, according to an entry at

Mujra dance is prevalent throughout Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. While some stigma has been attached to performers of this dance, who have been compared to prostitutes, it has gained popular acceptance as it is adapted to modern music and entertainment.


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