PDRM confirms rank of commissioner for Amar, ACP for Baljeet

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 9 Feb 2017 | Asia Samachar |
Kuala Lumpur CPO Amar Singh with other senior police officers on the front page to The Sun (9 Feb 2017) -PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

Kuala Lumpur chief police officer (CPO) Amar Singh and Pulapol Langkawi commandant Baljeet Singh –two of Malaysia’s highest ranking Sikh police officers – have received conformation for their ranks.

In an internal memo on Tuesday (7 Feb 2017), Bukit Aman confirmed their ranks, along with a number of other police officers.

Amar, a third-generation cop, made history for the Sikh community in Malaysia when he was appointed as the Kuala Lumpur police chief chief police officer, with the rank of commissioner, on 19 Feb 2016.

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This is the highest rank attained by a Sikh police officer in Malaysia. Santokh Singh was the last Sikh to be appointed as a state police chief when he was made Selangor CPO with the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SAC) 1.

Baljeet Singh was confirmed as an assistant commissioner of police (ACP).

“These are among our best and brightest Sikhs in the police force,” one police officer tells Asia Samachar.

The other senior Sikh officer is ACP Harjinder Kaur who heads the banking fraud unit at the Malaysian police headquarter’s Commercial Crime Investigations Department.


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  1. Talking about State Police Chief, we must not forget Mr Darshan Singh who was Commissioner of Police Sabah around 1975.