Anger, frustration over brutal attack on Indian students in Melbourne, reports SBS Punjabi

| Melbourne, Australia | 4 May 2017 | Asia Samachar |

A group of Indian origin men have been left traumatised after a brutal attack by a group of masked thugs who broke into their house at St Albans in Melbourne. One of the victims remained in the ICU for the critical injuries he suffered, reports an Australian broadcasting station.

The victims who are international students from India were assaulted by a gang of 10 masked intruders who allegedly broke into their house at St Albans in Melbourne’s north-west.

One of the residents, Randeep Singh told SBS Punjabi that the attackers were armed with guns, rods and bats. Hear the interview here.

Randeep was quoted by the station as saying: “They broke into the house and brutally attacked my friend Anish Soni and the other housemates. I was not at home at that time.

“Anish was attacked in the kitchen, and other two were attacked in the bedroom. The thugs told Anish to lie down on the floor and then they hit him with the pistol. His face was covered with a jacket.

“Anish was bleeding profusely. He was taken to the hospital ICU where he was treated for several injuries including few broken bones. My younger brother who came to Australia just 20 days ago is scared to death.

“With the fear of living in the same house, we packed our belongings and went to local Sikh temple. Our friends were very kind to get us to their home afterwards.”

He added: “My housemates provided them with all our belongings including iPad and phones. But the attackers were brutal and they kept on kicking their faces leaving them injured and traumatized.

“We are able to trace our iPhones in a house a few kilometers away from our St Albans home. For two days our phone was ‘on’ and ringing. We informed Police about it, but we are not sure if they acted on this lead.

“We are really angry and frustrated with the way things are! Many similar incidents have been reported from this area. Now we are scared to death and we don’t want to live in this area anymore.”


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