Pakistan-India tension not felt in Aussie local council voting, say candidates

| Melbourne, Australia | 4 Sept 2016 | Asia Samachar |
Melbourne-based Gurinder Kaur and Imran Khan are both contesting for the same seat in an Australian local council election - PHOTO / SUPPLIED
Melbourne-based Gurinder Kaur and Imran Khan are both contesting for the same seat in an Australian local council election – PHOTO / SUPPLIED

The tension between India and Pakistan has not impacted the migrants of two countries living in Australia, says two candidates who were born in the two warring nations and now contesting for the local council seat in Australia.

Melbourne-based Gurinder Kaur, who hails from Punjab, India, and Imran Khan, who hails from Karachi, Pakistan, are both contesting for upcoming Whittlesea Council Elections from South-West ward in Victoria.

Both candidates are ‘working as a team to bring the multicultural communities together on one platform’, they said in a joint statement released to the media today.

“Both Gurinder & Imran recently organised a Community Engagement forum in their council as well to prevent crime and for the safety of local residents. They said that its a pleasure for both of them to work together in Australia and it gives a feeling of pride that the physical border of their respective countries still do not divide their determination for a better nation and they will keep on working together to spread the message of love and peace,” reads the statement, which was also emailed to Asia Samachar.

The election via postal voting began with ballots packs being posted to voters between 4-6 Oct, which must be returned by Oct 21. Voting is compulsory for voters on the state roll.

Gurinder, a 35 years old IT professional who was born and raised in Amritsar, will be the first Sikh woman to contest in the local government elections in Australia. She is contesting as an independent candidate. See here.

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They were responding to the on-going tensions in the Indian sub-continent. Relations between India and Pakistan have sharply deteriorated since last month, when militants carried out the deadliest attack on an Indian army base in Kashmir in years. India blamed the attack on Pakistan, which has denied the claim, reports BBC.

Indian villagers living close to the border with Pakistan have been asked to evacuate, days after India said it launched strikes targeting militants in Kashmir, the report added.

Gurinder, who is passionate for community work, said that the residents of Punjab on both sides of border do not want any war with Pakistan and its mainly the conflict of vested interests of politicians on both sides. She said that as a Sikh, she believes in well-being of whole community, the statement added.

Imran, who hails from Karachi in Pakistan also has the same views and is passionate about peace among two countries.


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