Indian man cheated Rs5.8 lakh with promise of jobs in Indonesia, Thailand

| India | 15 July 2017 | Asia Samachar |

Two persons were booked by Indian police in Surat for cheating a man of Rs5.75 lakh (about RM38,000/S$12,000) by offering him a job either in Indonesia or Thailand.

Pankaj Gadiya was looking for a job abroad when Nirav R Kapadia and Sumeet Narendra Singh met him at his office at Delhi Gate here sometime back, reports TNN.

The duo promised him a job in Indonesia and made him pay Rs10,000 towards registration fee. They then took another Rs50,000 from him and called him to Indonesia where he was asked to give them Rs2 lakh.

When Gadiya exhausted all his money, he was sent back to India from Indonesia. Gadiya waited for their call as they had promised a job in Thailand after a month. The call never came and Gadiya lodged a complaint of cheating against the duo, the report added.

The accused are yet to return to India from abroad, police said.


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