Jagmeet Singh wins her heart

Newly minted leader of Canada's third largest political party proposes to his girlfriend.And she said 'Yes'.

Jagmeet Singh proposes to Gurkiran Kaur – Photo courtesy of Jagmeet Singh Facebook page

After winning the hearts of the majority of the the third largest political party in Canada, the ever immaculately dressed Jagmeet Singh won the heart of his girlfriend.

“She said yess!!,” he says in a entry via the social media yesterday (17 Jan 2018).

The 38 year old politician, always appearing in striking suit and turban, proposed to the 27 year old Gurkiran at a private party Tuesday night just blocks away from the Ontario legislature in Toronto where he served as a provincial legislator for six years, reports CBC News.

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He surprised Gurkiran, an entrepreneur and fashion designer, with the proposal in front of several dozen friends and family members at a vegetarian restaurant where they had their first date, the report said.

The report added that Jagmeet, who was elected federal NDP leader last fall, had been guarded about his personal life, but social media posts in December made headlines after it was reported he and Kaur were engaged.

His Facebook page was flooded with congratulatory message.

However, as one would find almost everywhere today, you have the people who will will find something not right. In this case, one Facebook comment raised the red flag for the photo of Jagmeet kissing his girlfriend on the cheek.

“Sir we don’t expect these type of pose from you . Please consider your dastar . Keep in mind what you have in public . So sorry but it’s not good,” the comment goes.

Immediately, the comment was followed by a barrage of people who were clearly supportive of Jagmeet.

“Delete your comment. Make your own son keshdhari and then come back and comment this,” said one.

“What he feels inside ,showing outside far better than our hypocrite pakhandi babe….rise ur thinking level,” went another.

Another Facebook user added this comment: “How beautiful! Congratulations to the lovely couple, even though I do not know them! As for those who find this offensive or distasteful, let us not judge anyone but support our young people to be themselves! There is absolutely nothing wrong here! Waheguru, waheguru, waheguru!”

For now, Jagmeet looks like a clear winner.

“She said yess!!”, says Jagmeet Singh after proposing to Gurkiran Kaur – Photo courtesy of Jagmeet Singh Facebook page


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