Our real heroes

Japjot and family with the firemen
By Japjot Sethi | OPINION

Last week my son hurt himself with a plastic stick in his mouth and started bleeding so we called 911.

After one of the paramedics examined my son quickly, he told us that our son scratched the back of his mouth, but other than that he looks fine and did not swallow any plastic.

While everything was fine, it was a scary moment for my wife and I when we saw our son spitting blood. l was very amazed to see how calm the firemen were and how well they handled the whole situation.

As I thanked the firemen, one of them responded: “It is our duty to take care of people and many times we have to hold our emotions back to make sure we can help take care of the situation and do our job.”

Later we stopped at the fire station to say hello to them again and they were generous enough to give us a tour of the fire station, and also let the kids sit in the fire truck.

We got to learn that firemen work straight 48 hours and then get 4 days off. During their shift they are attend between 10 to 20 calls and can not leave the station. They cook all their meals at the station and pay for all groceries.

So my wife and I decided to cook dinner for them and we brought them home cooked Indian food, during their next shift.

Such an honor to be able to do this for our heroes. #Gratitude


Japjot Sethi, co-founder/CEO of Gloop Inc, describes himself as an entrepreneur, leader and a product guy. This piece was adapted from his sharing via LindkedIn