Plans to set up Indonesia Sikh Council

Balwant Singh, president of Gurdwara Guru Nanak in Jakarta south, is mooting the idea of setting up a council for Sikhs in Indonesia

Balwant Singh | Jakarta, Indonesia | 5 Oct 2015 | Asia Samachar |
Balwant Singh (insert) has mooted the plan to start Indonesia Sikh Council
Balwant Singh (insert) has mooted the plan to start Indonesia Sikh Council


Dear Brothers, Sisters and All Sikh Sangat Jios. Please allow me convey the good news in relation Global Sikh Council as per the attachment from Sardar Gulbarg Singh of USA granting Indonesia Sikhs a membership in the esteemed Sikh World body.

As we all are aware that no international Sikh organization had ever included Indonesia Sikhs as member country or have ever recognized us Indonesian Sikhs in their international or regional meetings due to reasons might be our leaders indifference or oversight or even short-comings.Without pointing fingers to anyone or any so called leader lets sit together as responsible Sikhs and try to remedy or wake up from our ‘slumber’ and revive our past glory during Khalsa English school times.

Last year I had the opportunity to participate in an ASEAN Interfaith meeting in Bangkok,and interacted with several Sikh leaders of Southeast Asian countries. Most of discussions were regarding the absence of Indonesian Sikhs organizations and the reasons behind the loss of constructive communications and discussions on the future of Sikhism.

Sardar V. Harharan Singh ex-president of Malaysian Gurdwara Council and a very learned and experienced Sikh scholar had requested Indonesia Sikhs to join Global Sikh Council, which was also mentioned by Sardar Ramesh Singh of Pakistan and day before yesterday Sardar Gulbarg Singh of USA phoned me to try my best to form a Committee of Kesdhari Sikhs of Indonesia so that we could qualify as a member.We are not barring or excluding any Sikh from joining but we must remember that only Keshdhari Sikhs can lead or eligible to be chosen as office-bearer.

With the above mentioned conditions if all of you wish to join and start a Indonesia Sikh Council, please get together and let us in Jakarta know of your readiness to sacrifice personal differences and to unite for the sake of Sikhism in Indonesia.

Hoping to hear from you directly in this month of October before we in Jakarta Selatan hold a meeting and choose suitable Sikhs to represent Indonesia.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.
Panth da Sewadar
Balwant Singh Jakarta (Ben Rahal)


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