Life isn’t a journey

| Opinion | 21 April 2017 | Asia Samachar |


By Jasbir Kaur

I often visit the blogosphere once I’ve successfully put my full of life children to bed. Just reading whatever’s trending, getting some ideas and inspiration, or simply stalking my favorite writers and their latest work.
I stumbled upon a visual tableau by David Lindbergh on Alan Watts’s words, titled ‘Why Your Life is not a Journey’.

I believed life is a journey but always struggled with the ‘to where’ part. It has kept me riled up for decades, searching for my kismet. It has had me believing that I have yet to reach my destination. That it is somewhere I will soon arrive if I navigate properly. But the problem with this equation is that I don’t know my destination. So I’m just traveling along.

Alan Watts says life isn’t a journey. All of sudden I feel like I had it all wrong.

Life isn’t a journey sounds so right, so fast.

Because life is about the now and enjoying this very moment. Life is like your favorite song, the one you dance or sing to. How each chord stirs your emotions while it is playing. With a song, you don’t wait for it’s end to relish the joy it brings.

So life is a song. Your favorite song. Life is how you moved to that song. Life is how you let that song influence you. It’s how the song made you feel. It’s the now and not the end. Because when the song ends, you will stop moving and feeling. You might feel exhilarated or high from all that dancing and singing but that feeling will fade away like the notes of the music. Then you’re left feeling nothing because there is no more music.

I believe now, life isn’t a journey like a traveler waiting to arrive at his destination. Life is music that must be danced to and sang. Life is the music of a composer.

Jasbir Kaur is a freelance writer and regularly writes about surviving parenthood at BeeRaise. She is also one of the editors at Asia Samachar


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