Malacca annual Sikh programme in 8 minutes


| Malacca, Malaysia | 2 June 2017 | Asia Samachar |

Malacca hosts the largest annual Sikh gathering in Southeast Asia in the memory of Baba Sohan Singh, the former granthi of Gurdwara Sahib Malacca and a well-respected Sikh preacher.

Some 50,000 to 70,000 people descent the town city, hailing from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and beyond.

Malacca Sikhs hosted the 45th Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji Salaana Yaadgar Semagam, a programme commonly referred to as the ‘Malacca barsi’, on 18-21 May 2017.

Dillon Singh releases a 8-minute video capturing various moments of the programme. The video, 45th Commemorative Prayers; 18-21 May 2017 [FULL CLIP], can be viewed here.

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