Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh renovation complete, soft opening 16 Aug


| Public Service Announcement | Ipoh, Malaysia | 13 Aug 2017Asia Samachar |

Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh in Perak, Malaysia photo in May 2017 – Photo / Dindae Sheena

Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh.

Waheguru Ji Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Guru Piari Sangat Ji with the blessings of our Guru Ji and with the assistance of the Sangat the Darbar Sahib Renovations have been completed.

In conjunction with this the Darbar Sahib ‘Soft Opening Ceremony’ (Udhkathan) program will be held as below:

Wednesday 16th August

5.30pm – Ground Floor Darbar Sahib Semapti.

Move all Guru Ji’s’ Saroops to Upstairs Darbar.

6.15 – Rehraas / Kirtan / Katha.

7.30 – Sehaj Path Da Phog / Barah Maha / Ardaas.

Langgar sewa starts at 1.00pm.

Its a humble appeal to all sewadars, donors and the sanggat to be present for the thanks giving (Sukhrana Ardaas) on Wedneasday 16th of Aug.

Please assist to share this message with family, friends, acquaintances & members of the Sikh sanggat in your contact list.

WGSI Parbandaks.


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  1. Very glad to know about it.But do not forget about hand-towels at langgar hall.I hade a very bad experience some time back when i just wanted to know why there were no hand-towels.I got a very rude reply from one of the senior Gurudwara offical.He said”no,we do not provide hand-towels.Bring your own handkerchief”.I just mentioned that almost all Gurudwaras do have.He said”he has been to many Gurudwaras.Not all of them provides.Do HARMINDER SAHIB AND OTHER GURUDWARAS IN INDIA provide hand-towels”?We are in Malaysia.Why talk about India.(After that i just kept quite.No point of arguing with this kind of people).I wanted to ask him as to how many Gurudwaras in Malaysia has he been to.(May WAHEGURU FORGIVE ME.I HAVE BEEN TO ALL GURUDWARAS IN MALAYSIA,INCLUDING SABAH AND SARAWAK.One that I have missed is the Gurudwara in Sandakan in Sabah.)Almost all of them have hand-towels at langgar hall.My intention was to donate some to the Gurudwara.Also slippers and clogs at toilets.But,I have changed my mind.No wonder the Gurudwara has so much problems until police had to be called in etc etc.Until we still have Gurudwara officals with blinkers on their eyes and brains,things will not change.No wonder the younger generation do not go to Gurudwara anymore.I do not want to hurt anyones feelings.MAY WAHEGURU FORGIVE ME FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH.