What Would You Do: Sales clerk discriminates against Sikh man

A Sikh man is confronted by a bigot salesman while shopping for a suit in North Carolina, US. Will other customers stand-up for him? It's worth viewing the 8-minute ABC show. The response of the last lady to appear is priceless.


North Carolina, US | 10 Sept 2017 | Asia Samachar |

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? A grab from ABC programme.

What began as bigotry towards Muslims has now spread to attacks against Sikhs, the followers of a totally different religion, the US television channels notes.

ABC News went undercover to see people’s response when a sales clerk discriminates against a Sikh man because of his religious garb.

Savanay, the Sikh actor, is ‘shopping’ in North Carolina. Will other customers stand-up for him? Go here.  Some do, some don’t. Find out why.

It’s worth waiting for the last lady in the recording. “You’re kidding. How old are you,” she hits out at the salesman.

“I just felt so bad for him,” she tells ABC’s John King when he comes out of hiding.


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  1. May be other Sikhs should not patronise that shop and share the experience with other Gurdwaras/NGOs to boycott the outlet if no public apology is received.