Heart disease: Some good news for Sikhs in Malaysia

60 undergo health screening and heart health talk at Kuala Lumpur gurdwara

HEART TO HEART: Dr Alex Loch (left) and Dr Ramesh Singh (right) at the UMMC initiated health screening at the Kampung Pandan gurdwara in Kuala Lumpur – Photo / Asia Samachar

Here’s some good news. Most Sikhs who take part in health screening in Malaysia – many of them at community events like prayer meetings – are concerned about their health. But they lack professional advice.

“That is what we provide,” University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) cardiology head Dr Ramesh Singh Arjan Singh told Asia Samachar.

He headed a team for a heart-related health screening at the Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Kampung Pandan in Kuala Lumpur today (6 Jan 2018).

Some 60 people took part in the programme which included a talk by UMMC cardiologist Dr Lee Zhen Vin. Later, they were joined by Prof Dr Alex Loch for consultations.

When asked about Sikhs in Malaysia when it comes to heart related diseases, Dr Ramesh said anecdotal evidence based on patients seen showed that they reflected the general Malaysian public.

“Based on the people we have interviewed, many are concerned with their health. They are taking efforts to promote their health. Awareness is there. They seek advise for better lifestyle,” he said.

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