70 youngsters join Mantin Sikh camp

Mantin Mini samelan 2018 – Photo supplied
By Reshminder Kaur | EVENT UPDATE |

Some 70 Sikh youth between the ages of 4 and 18 years joined a Sikh camp at Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, last week.

The three-day Gurdwara Sahib Mantin 1st Mini Samelan between 26 to 28 October was held at the gurdwara premises.

It was organised by the PEC Mantin Development Group (comprising of parents and PEC administrators) and the gurdwara committee. PEC stands for Punjabi Education Centre, the evening Punjabi schools running nationwide.

Participant came from Mantin, Nilai, Seremban, Kuala Lumpur and Klang.

The camp, carrying the theme was Gurbani is jag me chanan, was held in collaboration with Gurbani Naad and Seremban Sikh Naujawan. Among the kirta jathas present were Jatha On Wheels, Balvinder Singh, Gurbani Naad and Rajwinder Singh (Seremban).

The camp was a success with great participation and interactive learning on Sikh values and educational topics.

PEC Mantin Development group wishes to thank Gurdwara Sahib Mantin committee for their great support throughout the planning and organising of the camp.

PEC Mantin Development Group was formed in January 2017 to plan and develop Mantin Sikh kids and youth in Sikhi and sports activities. It comprises of parents and grandparents of PEC Mantin students.

Since its establishment, it has organised various activities including Vasakhi games, and concert. The group work hand in hand with gurdwara committee members Awtar Singh, Sarjit Singh, Sarab Kaur and Manmohan Singh.

[Reshminder Kaur is a member of the PEC Mantin Development group]

Mantin Mini Samelan 2018

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  1. Congrats to the organising committee for a job well done and for focusing on the principles of Guru Manyo Granth.

  2. Well done to run a truly Gurbani based Sikh camp.Makrs a change from the deviants who are busy making friends with fake narrcistic puranic books , and claiming it Gurbani!