Balle Balle Santa Singh on the way!

Balle Balle Santa Singh is on the way – Illustration by LittleSikhs / Manpreet Kaur

With Christmas in the air, one Sikh portal shared an illustration of a Sikh santa clause. Meet Santa Singh! is an interactive world for children: a place of fun, games, discovery, art, creativity and friendship.

The portal was created for Sikh children to  have a place of their own: A place that inspires and motivates them to explore the core values of Sikhi which embody generosity, strength and the teachings of the Sikh Gurus.


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  1. Great way to get your kids to convert to christianity when they grow up.What were these idiots thinking when they came up with this nonsense?This fictional character has no role in Sikhi and should be shunned not embraced.So pathetic.Again the Sikh shows their never ending love for their white masters by adopting their culture.