Sikh lawmaker stays loyal to Pakistan

Former MLA Ramesh Singh Arora, the first Sikh lawmaker in Pakistan's Punjab state assembly, states his position on the escalating tensions between Pakistan and India

Ramesh Singh Arora: Photo grab from his Facebook video
By Asia Samachar Team |

The first Pakistani Sikh in the West Punjab state assembly yesterday (27 Feb 2019) voiced his support for Pakistan as tension escalated with neighbouring India, with both sides claiming that they had shot down the other side’s fighter jet.

Former lawmaker Ramesh Singh Arora went on the Facebook to make it plain that he stood by his nation in the escalating tensions with India.


Yesterday, Pakistani and Indian fighter jets engaged in a skirmish over Indian-controlled territory in the disputed border state of Jammu and Kashmir. At least one Indian jet was shot down, with Pakistan capturing its pilot, reports New York Times.

The incursion came just one day after Indian aircraft flew into Pakistan and attacked near the town of Balakot. The Indian government claimed it was striking a training camp for Jaish-e-Mohammed, a terrorist group that was responsible for a Feb. 14 suicide bombing in southern Kashmir that killed at least 40 paramilitary forces. Pakistan has insisted it had no involvement in the suicide attack.

The beating of war drums comes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is preparing to lead BJP to India’s next general elections expected to be held in April and May 2019.

In an earlier Facebook entry, Ramesh wrote: “I strongly condemn Indian attack on Pakistan. Pak force’s quick response is commendable. Violation of Pakistan’s airspace would be responded in the same manner….”

Ramesh was elected Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) of Punjab in 2013 general elections from one of the seats reserved for non-Muslims. He chairs the assembly’s Standing Committee on Commerce & Investment.

In October 2017, he moved the Punjab Anand Karaj Bill 2017 at the assembly in a move that received no objections from any quarters.

Pakistan has a small Sikh community when the majority of the Sikhs living in the West Punjab moved to East Punjab in India after the 1947 partition.



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