Breeding culture


It was a moment of pride, at the same time, an awakening or sorts for many who attended a special concert by the Punjabi Education Centre, Petaling Jaya (PEC, GSPJ) on 3 August 2014.  The atmosphere in University Malaya’s Experimental Theater was exceptionally exciting as it was an uncommon act that was being staged.

Undoubtedly, the evening unfolded to an entertaining 180 minutes of utter fun and vibrancy, depicting the various traditions of the rich Punjabi wedding. The medley of dance, music, singing and dialogues demonstrating the Punjabi culture was brought to live by the students aged between 3-16 years of age, leaving the crowd in awe, parents, teachers and well-wishers, alike.

It was certainly a sight to behold dearly, as young ones embraced an appreciation for the Punjabi culture. At the same time, encouraging others to follow suit by promoting the importance of cultural preservation.

Concert_PEC_0675Speaking at the event, State Assemblyman for Bukit Gasing R Rajiv applauded the students, PEC management and Sikh leaders for adopting proactive measures to nurture holistic individuals from young.

“This is the first time that I saw a Punjabi/Sikh wedding. If only it was in English, I would have understood the ceremonies conducted. The kids did a really good job in taking us through the colourful ceremony,” said Mr Simon, the technician on duty.

To-date, more than 2,000 students have pursued Punjabi learning classes at the PEC, Petaling Jaya. Overall, approximately 12,000 individuals have obtained lessons of the Punjabi culture at the 46 Punjabi Education Centres nationwide. The Centres, which operate every Saturday in most places, are commonly based at local Gurdwara premises with funding from the respective Gurdwara Committees, donations and some federal government funding through the Khalsa Diwan Malaysia or directly from State governments.

“The full dress rehearsal this morning was chaotic with the kids, teachers and parents all over the place,” said concert coordinator Dr Surinderpal Kaur of University Malaya. “However, when the concert started, everything miraculously fell in place. The kids performed exceptionally well, beyond our expectations.”


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