Minister Shanmugam on Singapore’s future at YSA dialogue

| Singapore | 29 Aug 2015 | Asia Samachar |


Singapore Foreign Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam will speak on the Future of Singapore at the Ministerial Dialogue 2015 organised by Young Sikh Association Singapore (YSA) on Sept 2.

The talk, a regular feature of YSA, will be held at the Central Sikh Temple.

The session will be taking place with the backdrop of Singaporeans preparing to cast their vote at the general election on Sept 11.

In a recent comment, Shanmugam had commented on the lack of integration in the Malaysian education system, where he noted that more Malays are going to mainstream schools and more Chinese going to Chinese schools.

“As a result, the different races are kept apart from a young age…This makes integration more difficult,” he said on comments on his Facebook page.

“My point therefore was essentially that this is the predominant situation in the Malaysian education system. This is not good for integration.”

In the past, the YSA dialogues had also seen the presence of two deputy prime ministers:  Teo Chee Hean in 2010 and Tharman Shanmugaratnam in 2012.

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