Nanak Shah Fakir starts screening in Malaysia, next stop Singapore

Screen capture from a preview of the movie Nanak Shah Fakir

The film ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ will start playing in cinemas in Malaysia today (13 April 2018) despite the Akal Takht to excommunicating its producer Harinder Singh Sikka.

“The screening will go on. It has received the go-ahead from the local cencorship board,” the film’s local distributor told Asia Samachar.

The movie, approved for screening on 11 April, has received a P13 classification, according to information at the Malaysian Film Censorship Board.

It is understood that the movie will also be screened in Singapore, though the release date has yet to be made available. Singaporeans had watched the earlier version of the film in 2015.

On 12 April, Akal Takht jathedar Giani  Gurbachan Singh announced the excommunication of Harinder just as the film was set to be released in multiple countries minus Punjab, India, in conjunction with the Vasakhi celebrations.

He said that Harinder had ignored repeated appeals to him not to release the movie, which was first supposed to be released in 2015, but held back after ferocious complaints from some segments of the Sikh community.

In view of his actions, the jathedars has called on Sikhs not to have any relationships with Harinder.

Viacom, the global distributor for the movie, is releasing it today at a number of countries.


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  1. First a Congratulatory Letter, then Excommunication.

    So, let us all get this right. First the Jathedar Sahib sends a congratulatory note on a great, well done movie. Then a Committee member, after panel-viewing the movie with changes that had been recommended, sorry, demanded, sends notification to gurdwaras to put up posters promoting the movie. Finally ‘they’ excommunicate the producer Sardar Harinder Singh Sikka Ji, and commanding Sikhs to have nothing to do with the gentleman. Is that correct? JUST CHECKING.