Malaysia-Bollywood film now screening in Malaysia, India

I’m Not A Terrorist, largely shot in conflict-ridden Kashmir, features three Bollywood actors along side Malaysian actors


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 6 Oct 2017 | Asia Samachar |

MOVIE LAUNCH: I’m Not A Terrorist movie director Arjin Uppal (second from left) with the actors, including Gulshan Grover (5th from left) and Farida Jalal (3rd from right) – Photo / Supplied

I’m Not A Terrorist, a Malaysia-Bollywood film that was largely shot in conflict-ridden Kashmir, is now screening at cinemas in Malaysia and India.

Produced by Malaysian company White Merpati Entertainment, the film featuring three Bollywood actors along side Malaysian actors will play in some 75 cinemas in Malaysia and 300 in India.

The Bollywood line-up in the film that costs over RM7 million are ‘bad guy’ Gulshan Grover, Rahul Dev and Farida Jalal. They are cast alongside Malaysian actors Afiq Muiz, Chacha Maembong, Kapten Khir Mohd Noor and a special appearance by Jalaluddin Hassan.

Gulshan, who recently turned 62, has appeared in more than 400 films in a 25 year career, usually taking on the role of the villain.

“It’s history in the making. This is the first time Bollywood worked with a Malaysian producer,” Baldev Singh from White Merpati Entertainment tells Asia Samachar.

I’m Not A Terrorist is based on a true story of Kashmir-born Ummar, who was sent by his mother to study in Malaysia after his father died. His father’s death was linked to terrorism. However, the real terrorist is none other than local gangster Abu Zar (Grover), who has been terrorising people in Kashmir to gain control.

In an interview with the media earlier, movie director Arjin Uppal expressed confidence that the collaborative work between local and Bollywood talents in his upcoming movie will be a hit in the theaters.

“During the script-making process, I have already planned on screening this movie in other countries outside of Malaysia, and that is also the reason why I choose to join forces with Bollywood for the film’s casting.

“It wasn’t a difficult process to hire Bollywood’s talents, given our good relationship with its representatives, which is how we were able to cast three big Bollywood names for this movie,” he was qouted in one report.

The filming in Kashmir, India, was challenging. Since the filming was located at a conflict area, there were times that they were forced to stay in the hotel following a state of emergency.

“But we got the fullest cooperation of the local authorities,” said Baldev.

The movie will also be screened in Indonesia, Nepal and some European countries. “We are also working on getting it to Australia,” said Baldev.


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