Eleven days battle to fight terror

Jaginder Singh releases maiden film, casting a Malaysian Sikh lawyer-preacher

ELEVEN DAYS: A slice of the action

By Jaginder Singh

This movie is about a young Sikh Indian boy who has only 11 days to locate his brother before he is lost in the fight against terror in Australia. Eleven Days depicts his adventures.

The inspiration came from many sources but it was sparked by a personal experience.


I did face challenges in casting in on certain roles especially with the Indian and Aboriginal cast members due the the fact that acting is not something that is taken seriously in these communities. With time and perseverance, I met the right talent and things started to fall in place.

This film has been in my mind since 2011 and it has been a long road.

We finally started principal photography in April 2016 and finished all our pick up shots in January 2017. It was followed by post production.

Like any filmmaker, my hope is that it will be watched by as many people as possible and hope that the audience enjoy the experience and maybe take something home with them.

Malaysian-born Jaginder Singh, who now lives in Australia, produces his maiden movie ELEVEN DAYS. It is the winner of the 2015 Nashville Film Festival – Best Feature Screenplay for the Family Film Category as well as the 2014 Hollywood Screenplay Contest.


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