5 Punjabi youth bodies sent back from Malaysia


By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

The remains of five youth from Punjab who died in different locations in Malaysia were repatriated to India yesterday.

The process was handled by a Kuala Lumpur-based non-government organisation called Sikh Federation Malaysia (SFM).

“These youth came to Malaysia and were stuck here during the Covid-19 lockdown,” a SFM office bearer told Asia Samachar.

It is understood that at least three of the cases were suspected suicide, though Asia Samachar was unable to confirm with the relevant authorities.

“There are many Punjab boys and girls who are stuck here and wanting to return,” the office bearer added.

The five bodies were brought to a funeral parlour in Kuala Lumpur yesterday (29 July 2020) as part of the repatriation process. A video of the event has since been shared on the social media.

Many Indians, both tourists and foreign workers, were stranded in Malaysia and numerous other countries when India imposed a suspension for international flights since March 23.

Starting May 6, India rolled out international charter flights operated by Air India under the Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) to help stranded people reach their destinations. Some private carriers have also operated a certain number of flights under this mission.

The first VBM flight from Malaysia will take off from KLIA to Trichy on 9 May.

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  1. Tragic. Why were things allowed to rot to extend the Poor Desi foreign workers or visitors who may have come to find work, were left with no organization to approach for assistance?
    Sikh Welfare Associations in Semananjung (Peninsula Malaysia) will need to do a lot of honest soul searching.
    Are welfare services for Sikhs only available to influential Sikh ethnic people from India, but non-influential of Sikh faith from India are shunned or second rate (when still alive) ?
    I hope such soul searching or psychological-social post mortem of the 5 tragic deaths will be openly elaborated on ASIA SAMACHAR.
    If relevant persons don’t learn from this fiasco, high possibility of recurrence in Malaysia during this economic downturn amidst Global Pandemic.