Dr Devsharan storms Shanghai card game

Shanghai, China | Asia Samachar | 22 May 2015


Dr Devsharan Singh at Magic's Grand Prix Shanghai 2015.
Dr Devsharan Singh at Magic’s Grand Prix Shanghai 2015.

A Malaysian medical doctor made it into the international finals of the Magic tradeable card game in Shanghai, China, on May 17.

Dr Devsharan Singh lost to a Japanese opponent in the finals of the Grand Prix Shanghai 2015 that attracted 900 players.

“It’s a stratregy card game played at international level – China, Japan, Brazil, you name it,” Dr Devsharan told Asia Samachar.

“It’s like chess. Only thing, in chess, there is no luck. In Magic, there is an element of randomness, but generally the better palyer usualy wins.”

Trading card games (TCGs) like Magic: The Gathering combine collectable cards with a strategy game. Players build a collection of cards by buying products such as Booster Packs or Intro Packs as well as by trading cards with friends, according to game website.

You cast powerful spells and summon monstrous creatures aiming to knock your opponent down from 20 life to zero. The game is constantly changing as new cards are released throughout the year, according to the same website.

Dr Devsharan, 35, said some of the avid players in Malaysia are professionals like accountants, lawyers and fellow doctors.

“Its an expensive game. The better the card, the more people would want to use it. When you want a specific card, you can buy or trade it,” he said.

In the past, Dr Devsharan considered himself a competitive player and not a  professional as he does not earn a living playing the  game.

“But the recent results [at Shanghai] have changed that as I will be part of Magic’s pro tour. They will fly me to Vancouver,” he said.

The by-invite only pro tour is the highest level of competitive playing in the game. The next challenge will be in Vancouver, Canada, in July 2015.


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