Completely false allegations against MGC

Letter | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 22 May 2017 Asia Samachar |
SPREADING FALSEHOOD: MGC says the pamphlet is making ‘completely false’ allegations against the council — PHOTO / SOCAL MEDIA

22nd May 2017

Sardar Ji / Sardarni Jio,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Subject: Completely False allegations against MGC

Completely FALSE allegations have been made against MGC leaders in a viral pamphlet (Originator’s name not stated) that MGC intends to BAN the following:

1) Reading Benti-Chaupi Paath

2) Singing “Deh Shiva Bar Moheh“ Shabad

3) Stop doing our Ardas in Gurdwaras and our homes

4) Stop Panj Bania Amrit Ceremony

MGC has again and again re-iterated its full acceptance and compliance with PANTH approved SIKH REHAT MARYADA (AKAL TAKHT).

Thus, answers to the 4 FALSE allegations above are as follows:-

a) Benti Chaupi is specifically sanctioned by the SRM to be read together with Rehras and also sanctioned by SRM as part of AMRlT Sanskar Bani. This is being practised in every Gurdwara in Malaysia today. Therefore any allegation to the contrary is false.

b) Relating to “Deh Shiva Bar Moheh”, MGC has already written to Akal Takht for ruling in this matter. Until such time the ruling is received, the Gurdwara committees are at liberty to decide whether to read “Deh Shiva” or other Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji di Bani.

Thus, it is false to say there is BAN on “Deh Shiva”. There has never a letter been issued by MGC to Ban “Deh Shiva”

c) To “Stop doing Ardas”, is a very stupid allegation. More stupid is to say to stop people doing it at homes.

The SRM on page 9 clearly stipulates when the Ardas is to be recited and the contents of the Ardas.

All the Gurdwaras are faithfully following this.

The Gurdwaras are bound to follow the SRM and cannot stop doing Ardas.

lf Ardas is not allowed, then what is left for Gurdwaras and Sikhism.

d) To “Stop Panj Bania Amrit Ceremony” is again a false allegation. The SRM on page 25 clearly stipulates the 5 Bania (JAP, JAAP, 10 Sawayyeh, Benti Chaupi and Anand Sahib) as to be recited during the Amrit ceremony.

Even MGC leaders who have taken Khande Di Pahul Amrit, the above 5 Bani were recited at their Amrit Sanskar ceremony.


Sanggat J i, the above are all false allegations against the MGC. Because the allegations had gone viral, MGC has been forced to respond.

The same allegations as above had been made by the Academy leaders in the last few months The numerous video clips produced by them on the matter are proof of this. Their involvement is there for all to see.

Sanggat Ji, reject these people who spread falsehood, sow hatred and indulge in dividing the small Sikh Community



Jagir Singh

[The letter has been confirmed as originating from the MGC]


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  1. I am a Malaysian Sikh.
    I Don’t SUPPORT THE LIES originating from Academy leaders and their cahoots who are trying their best to divide the Sikhs.
    I support MALAYSIAN GURDUARA COUNCIL and the leadership of SGGS ji. I salute Malaysian Gurdwara Council leaders who only carry the torch of Sggs ji.
    Shame on these liars who dare to stand in Guru ji’s Darbar to preach HATRED!

  2. It is a shame that the academy and its leadership has once again gone off tangent and are barking up the wrong tree with their LIES par excellence. Congrats to sant parmjeet, but frankly you need a course in LYING to be able to convince Sikhs in Malaysia as we can see through your devilish agenda.

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