Crowdfunding for LGBTQ Sikhs documentary

Sab Rabb De Bande intends to talk about the challenges faced by the LGBTQ Sikhs and the different ways they reconcile their faith

Sukhdeep Singh
By Asia Samachar MALAYSIA |

“There is hardly any documentation on the lived experiences of the queer Sikhs,” says a Sikh who identifies himself with the queer community.

A documentary, two-years in the making, intends to change that position.

Sab Rabb De Bande intends to talk about the challenges faced by the LGBTQ Sikhs and the different ways they reconcile their faith.

“This is a story that needs to be told,” says Sukhdeep Singh, editor of Gaylaxy Magazine and director of the documentary in a video.

A crowdfunding has been launched to fund the documentary now in its post-production stage.

“This is the first attempt at documenting the experiences of being LGBTQ and Sikh, and we hope that the documentary will act as a resource for various LGBTQ Sikhs across the world, and will also start a new conversation with the Sikh community in a more positive way,” according to its crowdfunding appeal.



Growing up gay and Sikh in the UK (Asia Samachar, 7 Nov 2019)

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  1. No such thing as “Sikh” homosexual. We only have punjabi homosexuals. Sexual degeneracy is not compatible with Sikhi.Up to 1973 Homosexuality was classified as an mental disease by the American Psychological Association.Then because of political correctness, lobbying by well funded groups and the loss of religious faith in the west allowed this destructive degenerate ideology flourish.

    Out of the so many social ills and problems faced by Sikhs,Im surprised Asia Samachar chose this non issue to bring up.Looks like domestic violence,single motherhood,drug addiction and alcoholism,skyrocketing divorce cases,mass conversion to other faiths and interfaith marriages,job discrimination against Sikhs are not important issues for our community.Asia Samachar only loves to blow our own trumpet.Just pure hot air thats of no use to the community or anyone else.You have a tool that can uplift a community by waking them up to issues affecting our community and we can rally to solve them but instead we are fed with junk like this.Syabas AS.I am not surprised knowing the outfit that funds your little operation here.

    No point virtue signalling to degenerate westerners who have destroyed their societies to such extent that it is now being taken over by immigrants.The Muslims who reject homosexuality are breeding rapidly and taking over Europe while the Caucasians who have embraced this belief are becoming a minority in their own countries. Degeneracy such as this causes societies to stop procreating as everyone is just obsessed with their own kaam and too selfish to bring and nurture new life into existence.Some among us have the wrong view that embracing homosexuality and sexual promiscuity is progressive but instead it is a weapon used by the dominant powers to destroy western societies they deem as a threat to their international hegemony while we who don’t even have our own country swallow up this filth and decrease our numbers worldwide voluntarily.

    “Mann neeva matt uchi”. What has happened to our matt?Did the Guru sacrifice his own sons so today we can be proud and endorse this degeneracy?Fitte mu twadha!

  2. They chose or rather became gay on their own accord , let them leave the life they Wan.. why do we as minority need to bring this and make aware .. no reason to .. they will still be wat they are and to bring this up it’ll create more confusion among young ones … stop all this bull … Sikh religion can’t be modern neither can it be altered