Some Sikhs ignore call to shun Modi function in KL

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 23 Nov 2015 | Asia Samachar |
Photo of Prime Minster Modi (6th from left) with Sikhs at a dinner on 22 Nov 2015 which is making its round in the social media in Malaysia. Seen in this photo are Dr Kerpal (second from left), Gurjeet (5th from left) and Dr Jaspall (second from right).
Photo of Prime Minster Modi (6th from left) with Sikhs at a dinner on 22 Nov 2015 which is making its round in the social media in Malaysia. Seen in this photo are Dr Kerpal (second from left), Gurjeet (5th from left) and Dr Jaspall (second from right).

Maintaining a harmonious working relationship with the Indian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur and not wanting to get embroiled in the Indian and Punjab politics.

These were among the reasons cited by leaders of Sikh organisation that attended functions in Kuala Lumpur yesterday (22 Nov 2015) to honour Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who made his maiden visit to Malaysia.

“By accepting the invite, we are keeping the relationship going with the Indian High Commission in Malaysia. We have benefitted from the relationship in the past,” Parti Punjabi Malaysia (PPM) president Gurjeet Singh Rhande tells Asia Samachar in a phone conversation.

“The pengeh (shenanigans) in Punjab is becaue of Badal, not Modi,” Sikh Welfare Society Malaysia (SWSM) president Dr Jaspall Singh  tells Asia Samachar in a separate conversation.

He was making reference to the Punjabi chief minister Parkash Singh Badal.

These were among the dozen or so Sikh organisations that ignored a call by a group of Sikh NGOs, which came together under the name of a Task Force, that had earlier ‘advised’ Sikh NGOs and individuals not to attend functions or programmes held in conjunction with the Modi visit ‘due to PM Modi’s failure to issue a statement condemning the attacks on the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the violations of human rights against the Sikh protestors’.

It was one of the four resolutions passed by at least 26 organisations, including Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC), an umbrella body of gurdwaras in the country, at a meeting in Petaling Jaya on 16 Nov.

The task force had also expressed its disappointment that there had been no response to a memorandum sent to Modi, via the High Commission, earlier.

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Gurjeet, who was re-elected as president for Perak Sikh Union (PSU) for a two-year term in July 2015, also said that he did not get an invite to the task force meeting which decided on the Modi visit.

He is also a deputy president of the Malaysian Singapore Sikh Sports Council (MSSSC). Its president Dr Kerpal Singh Pannu was also at the Modi function. In a message to Asia Samachar, Dr Kerpal said he was invited in his capacity as the president of the Malaysian Sikh Union (MSU).

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Dr Jaspall, a dentist by profession, questioned what would be gained by boycotting the functions.

“In the past, we have met the High Commissioner many times to discuss issues. They have assisted with issues like land problems in Punjab or visa matters,” he said.

“We have also worked with them to assist Sikhs from India who are in the local prisons.”

The current Indian High Commissioner to Malaysia is T S Trimurti.

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  1. It is very sad indeed to take note of some very cheap people who chose to humiliate and belittle all our efforts in sending a strong message of disgust to the Indian government for failing to utter a single word against perpetrators who insulted our GURU. I am sure, other more prominent members of our society (certainly much more prominent from those who attended) would have received similar invitations but courageously chose to stay away, and i am very proud of them. GOD Bless them with lots of success.
    This is not about Punjab/Indian politics! It is about our GURU. Punjab government is a coalition of Akali Dal and BJP of which this tyrant Modi is President. I would have expected some form of rebuke but NO.
    As i said earlier, by attending, we would not have changed anything but by boycotting we would have sent a strong message of protest. By the way he did not even wish the Sikhs during that dinner and it should serve as a slap on the faces of those who attended ( that is if they have any dignity left in them).

  2. I agree with A Singh.
    It surprises me, and many of my fellow Gursikh brethren that even till now, there are some organizations who did not live up to their pledge and went ahead and attended the Modi function. Unbelievable!!!

    Whether they should even defend and justify their reasons for attending, nothing can be far off from the truth of the severity of the SGGS desecration matter and how this has affected, saddened n hurt millions of Sikhs in Malaysia and worldwide.

    The perpetrators could hv taken it out personally wth certain orgs or individuals but why touch the Supreme Power, our Guru?

    Those who attended the function, Shame on you!! U should at least consider the sentiments of the majority of the Sikh Nation before even stepping into that hall n dining wth corrupted politicians responsible for massacres (eg. 1984 attacks on Golden temple; recent Gujarat attacks in 2002, now desceration of SGGS and Gods knws whats next?.)

    It’s alrdy common news tht Badal, his administration & Modis govrrnment had a hand in what happened in Punjab, or else WHY the silence? Why no statement to codemn the attacks?

  3. A Singh, indeed,such people could only come up with the most stupid reasoning.For a mere photo opportunity, these are the dogras and dhian singh back stabbers of todays Sikhs.Shows the level of stupidity of these so called “leaders” that are self styled yearning for titles .

    This is ONE black day in the Sikh history of Malaysia, when historians will write about these black sheep/traitors of the Sikh community,who were prepared to stab the collective community and it’s call, in the back, for standing next to the butcherous facist evil that decent people in India have rejected by returning their state awards.Yet these people crawled on their knees to get up the stage.Traitors is a under rated word to use for such people.

    Watch,God will deliver His dues.May the Sikh community watch out such betrayers.

  4. I agree that you need a working relationship with the Indians. However, you need to drive the message in by boycotting the event attended by their highest official. Indecisiveness will only send the message that they are winning. They, at the end of the day are winning because they are united in their cause to separate and rule us.

    And yes, the Badals are in league with Modi and the BJP. That’s a stupid reason if i ever read one.