First ever double hat trick by a single player on Match Day 5


| Jagdesh Singh | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 24 Nov 2015 | Asia Samachar


The school holidays are finally here and what better way to start it than to battle it out with your brothers and sisters on the field. This was exactly how the players in the Akaal League 2015 started their Final Term holidays last Sunday morning. Each player was eager to put to test their footballing skills, not to mention their individual team managers pitting each other’s mind games against each other, now already familiar with their opponent’s tactics and styles.

Match Day 5 started off with a slow burner. The Titiwangsa Panthers were still on the prowl for their first win, with only a point to their name thus far on the League table. Meeting the League leaders, The Rawang Warriors, was going to be a challenge but they remained optimistic before kick-off.

The Warriors, on the other hand, were looking behind their shoulders with the Pulapol Eagles breathing down their necks for supremacy. The Warriors were in no mood to cut anybody any slack.

The game started with the Panthers putting up a stoic and organized defense but they soon relented as the dynamic attacking duo of Harry and Jerry, twin brothers, began to prod. The goals came in good measure, with Manvinderjit opening the accounts and ending the game with a marvelous hat trick. It was as convincing a win for the leaders as it gets with a 5-0 win.

Now behind the Warriors with a 6 point gap, the Pulapol Eagles couldn’t afford to rest on their laurels. They had to win to keep the pressure on the Warriors. They met the Kampung Pandan Lions, buoyant from their winning exploits a week before on Match Day 4.

The Eagles were ferocious and gained an early goal, shocking the Lions. For some reason, The Lions couldn’t shake this shock off, and in their daze, the flood gates were opened. With 3 of their players already topping the Scorer’s list, the Eagles were relentless, only allowing the Lions to pull back by one goal.

Akesh Singh of the Eagles, now top scorer, was on a romp, scoring double hat tricks. His strike partner, Rishipal Singh was also on the scoresheet. With a final score of 11-1 to the Eagles, it was indeed a day to forget for the Lions, still looking lost as the final whistle was blown.

The 11-1 win meant a new record was broken in the Akaal League. It was the highest scoring match thus far in this ever engaging and entertaining league. Another record charted on Match Day 5 was the first ever double hat trick ever achieved by a single player in a game, the brilliant Akesh Singh (No.7).


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