Porterville Sikhs to get gurdwara within a year


| Portville, U.S. Gurdwara Design | 10 March 2016 | Asia Samachar |

Design for the gurdwara in Porterville in California, US.
Design for the gurdwara in Porterville in California, US.

The local Sikh population in Porterville in California, US, will have their own gurdwara within a year after a minor delay as there was a redesignation of the land where the gurdwara was to be built.

Plans are rapidly moving forward on the first phase of construction of the local Sikh worship center which will eventually include a temple, a multipurpose room and classrooms, reports local newspaper Porterville Recorder.

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A minor delay developed when the property where the temple will be built, on West North Grand Avenue, was recently annexed into the city. That altered the plans the local congregation had been working on because the requirements by the city are more demanding that what the county requires, it reported.

“I’ve been working on it about eight years,” the report quoted architect Mark Hillman. “Now it is in the city, so it’s a little more of a headache but the city has worked exceptionally well with us.” Hillman said the temple itself will be about 4,500 square-feet in size.


The congregation is already meeting at the site in a temporary multi-purpose building, said local doctor Piara Pannu, who is heading up the project.

He said at one time they were planning a temple for the entire county, but since then Tulare, Visalia and Delano have developed their own temples. That has narrowed down the number of local donors who can pay for the complex, he said.

Dr. Pannu said those who are Sikhs locally are from the Punjab region of India where it borders Pakistan.

He said they have between 25 and 30 families and they have a priest who conducts services.


The original story, entitled Sikh Temple will serve locals, appeared in The Porterville Recorder (California, US) on 9 March 2016. You can view it here.


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