Reference material on Titas slides has no credibility, not authentic: UTM

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UTM Titas book, a textbook for a compulsory university-level subject, found with erroneous entries on Sikh and Hindu faith
UTM Titas book, a textbook for a compulsory university-level subject, found with erroneous entries on Sikh and Hindu faith

JOHOR BARU: Reference materials used in the controversial slides for the “Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia” (Titas) subject in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) recently, do not have credibility and are not authentic to represent the traditions and religious beliefs of the Hindus and Sikhs.

In a statement issued here today, UTM’s vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Wahid Omar said this was the assessment made by the Indian Civilisation Independent Expert Committee appointed by the university to assess the contents of the slides for the course which created a controversy.

He said the committee which comprised Professor Dr Zaid Ahmad and Associate Professor Dr Sarjit Singh Darshan Singh from Universiti Putra Malaysia as well as Professor Dr M. Rajantheran from Universiti Malaya, unanimously found too many factual errors in the two slides.

“At the same time, there were too many judgmental elements in the slides and this is not in line with the spirit of the Titas course introduced in tertiary institutions to foster understanding and harmony among a multi-racial and multi-religious society,” he said.

This morning, Wahid chaired a meeting of the Working Committee into the Titas Course Case to discuss the report by the independent committee.

“The committee also recommended that the Titas book published by UTM, which was used as text for the course, be recalled from circulation and this be made known to the public,” he said.

Instead, the Titas textbook recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education was proposed as the main reference for the process of teaching and assessment, and to use the syllabus and teaching material which are in line with and recognised by the ministry, including the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) material.

“All Titas lecturers in UTM must also be sent to attend the Training-of-Trainers course with experts on Indian and Chinese civilisations to understand the teaching of these civilisations,” said Wahid.

The committee also proposed that teaching force from various races with expertise in Indian and Chinese civilisations be used to teach Titas in UTM for the relevant subjects.

It also proposed that UTM organise talks on civilisations, including the different religions, inviting religious experts who had conducted intensive research on their religions.

“After accepting the report from the committee, UTM is now in the process of taking action against the lecturer concerned following the procedures and regulations in the UTM Constitution,” he said. — Bernama

Erroneous presentation slides on the Hindu and Sikh faiths from UTM, a Malaysian public university.
Erroneous presentation slides on the Hindu and Sikh faiths from UTM, a Malaysian public university.

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  1. Txs Editor Sahib. Ya i know, they both are not responsible to design the book. But now are called as member of commission for solving the issue. My question is, they too belong to Public Uni and will soon be shut down by Iron Hands. Good to know they are associate authors of Titas books of other Uni.

  2. I suppose only time will give that answer whether they “buat bodoh” or we are “made bodoh”. As Malaysian……its not only Melayu muda lupa…..its Malaysian Selalu Lupa…..Look at the compulsory subject at University level. “UTM Titas book, a textbook for a compulsory university-level subject, found with erroneous entries on Sikh and Hindu faith” This Book is a product of UTM. Dr.Sarjit and Dr.Rajenderan, with due respect to them, they too are from the Public Universities. Who govern these Universities? Some iron Hands! Who these IRON HANDS are? We all know it. It will take no time for these IRON HANDS to shut these two down. But But if the voices are in numbers, then no body can shut them down. Leave aside shutting them down but the voice will be heard by many Iron hands too. The result will be public Apologies….The impact will remain in the heads of those who might still dare to slander and tarnish Sikh and Hindu faith in future.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: One statement above is inaccurate. Dr Sarjit and Dr Rajenderan were not involved in preparing the UTM Titas book. They were part authors of another Titas book used by most other universities.

  3. It is good to see UTM handling the issues with regards to the flawed and spurious writing which the lecturers tried to pass off as academic work. We must welcome the statement, as obvious as it may sound. First, it is heartening to see such admission of guilt coming from the top brass at the university. It shows that they are taking the matter seriously. They could have simply buried the matter under some committee.

    Second, it shows willingness on the of part of the university leadership to resolve the issue. And they are indeed doing something about it. Third, they had engaged experts on Sikhi and Hindu faith from within the local academics to get to the bottom of the matter. Dr Sarjit Singh from UPM is one of them. He has indeed done much work with the local Sikh community.

    Hence, the statement punches way beyond its ‘obvious’ weight. We should be welcome it. We should also give our support to the top echelon at UTM for the gumption to address the matter. It would have been far easier to simply bury their heads in the sand or buat bodoh. ?

  4. When such is a process of identifying a mistake….then i am sure there should have been an equal effot taken to create a Taxt Book or a teaching material by a reputable Uni. Dont they have an SOP on this teaching system? Can it not be scrutinized by an independent commission then. This is buying time my friends. This will fizzle off watch and see. Even the PM is silent abt this matter. Come on folks. Lets get down to basics show strength. Not going one by one. This news by bernama will take us no where. As i mentioned earlier let the Gurdwara council get the ball rolling by showing strength. I suggest a memoranda to be handed to PM, Signed by all members of ALL Gurdwaras of Malaysia. Don’t let this issue fade off. We ought to Show Up in big group not mere two or three people as ive been reading discreately ..not impactful enough. Get that calprit prof Suspanded until further notice. Get him off his butts first. This prof is comfortably sitting and warming his chair while small blunt arrows are thrown at him. This woll makes no difference folks.