Vaisakhi Special on Astro’s Tara HD


| Malaysia | 13 April 2016 Asia Samachar |

Astro Vaisakhi special for 2017

Every celebration calls for a family time. A time for friends and family to get together over special dinners. It is also a good time to catch some leisure TV because without fail, most TV channels would bring out shows relating to the celebration.

For Vaisakhi this year, Tara HD, the channel at satellite television provider Astro, has lined up two special programme for its Malaysian viewers.


Where there are Sikhs, you may most likely find a gurdwara. This has lead an Australian to Malaysian shores, on a special mission. He is on a journey to seek out Sikh contributions in Malaysia and has documented his research in a travelogue. The travelogue shares the history and background of 5 Gurdwaras to Visit in Klang Valley, its architecture design including the role of these gurdwaras to the Sikh community. Catch this Vasakhi Special on TARA HD (CH108) on 14 April at 4.30pm.

Chaar Sahibzaade – is a box office 2014 Indian Punjabi 3D computer-animated historical drama film written and directed by Harry Baweja. It is based on the sacrifices of the sons of 10th Sikh guru Guru Gobind Singh—Sahibzada Ajit Singh, Jujhar Singh, Zorawar Singh, and Fateh Singh. Premiering on 15th April at 9pm

Vasakhi Special: Chaar Sahibzaade

Brand New Shows: TARA HD is also Premiering New 3 Shows in April

  1. Ishq KillsPremiering on 15th April @ 8pm, followed by every Saturday at the same time
    Synopsis: This show is based on true events and it wrapped up in 13 episodes. Love in its darkest form can lead to crimes of obsession and passion. Love, sin and retribution around forbidden relationships. This show is hosted by Bollywood film director/producer Vikram Bhatt. Various Bollywood directors came together to direct the episodes including Vishal Mahadkar, Rajat Mukherjee, Sachin Khot, Jijy Philip, Siddharth Anand Kumar. Love in its darkest form can lead to crimes of obsession and passion. Love, sin & retribution around forbidden relationships.
  2. Masterchef IndiaPremiering on 15th April @ 7pm, followed by every Saturday & Sunday at the same time
    Synopsis: MasterChef India initial rounds consist of many contestants from across India individually auditioning by presenting a dish before the three judges to gain one of 50 semi-final places. The semi-finalists then compete in several challenges which test their food knowledge and preparation skills. The winner competes for a prize that includes their own cookery show, the chance to have their own cookbook published, and 10,000,000 in cash.
  3. Vogue BFFPremiering on 16th April @ 8pm, followed by every Sunday at the same time
    Synopsis: Vogue BFFs is a new-format talk show, where a Bollywood celeb is joined by his/her lesser known BFF (Best Friend Forever). Among the Bollywood celebrities are Kajol, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Anil Kapoor & etc. The show host Kamal Sidhu facilitates a candid light-hearted chat with the two guests about their story and life. Besides the talk, the show also features some fun games with the guests.


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