Pre-dawn break-in at Titiwangsa gurdwara


KUALA LUMPUR (Asia Samachar, 7 Jan 2015): Thieves broke into Gurdwara Sahib Titiwangsa in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, taking away an estimated RM7,000 in cash and yanking out the CCTV wires and its recording.

The incident in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is believed to have taken place between midnight and  the commencement of the amritvela programme. It is estimated that some RM7,000 cash was taken.

This is the second recent gurdwara break-in after an incident at Serdang Lama, Selangor, in November 2014.

“Some of us were still around the gurdwara till around midnight,” an active sevadar of Gurdwara Sahib Titiwangsa told Asia Samachar.

The night before (Jan 5), the same gurdwara was the venue for the peshi (appearance) before the Panj Pyareh for those involved in the Moshi-Moshi Kuala Lumpur night club prayer fiasco. That programme itself ended close to 10.30pm. [See ASIA SAMACHAR story here].

As part of their investigation, police have taken fingerprint marks from the closed safe and the open golak (where the sanggat places their cash when they mehta thek).

It is understood that an eyewitness saw a few people leaving the gurdwara site on a motorbike in the early morning hours on the day the incident.

Gurdwara Sahib Titiwangsa - Photo courtesy of gurdwara Facebook
Gurdwara Sahib Titiwangsa – Photo courtesy of gurdwara Facebook

Two years ago, according to the same volunteer, a man ran-off in broad day light with the golak box from same gurdwara. However, it is understood that the golak box had little cash as it had been emptied earlier.

In November 2014, a thief took off with estimated RM3,000 in cash when he broke into Gurdwara Sahib Serdang.

“We caught the break-in on our CCTV. It happened after the Guru Nanak gurpurab,” said Swaran Singh, president of the gurdwara’s management committee.

“It was not the first time in Serdang. Now, we have reinforced the golak. It is much more difficult to break into it,” he said.

The gurdwara committee is also considering installing an alarm system. — ASIA SAMACHAR (Jan 7, 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)



    Thieves break into Titiwangsa Gurdwara

    KUALA LUMPUR: Thieves broke into the office of the Gurdwara Sahib in Titiwangsa, here and stole about RM7,500.

    Wangsa Maju acting OCPD Deputy Supt A. Asmadi Abdul Aziz said a temple worker, coming into work at about 6am, found that the office door had been pried open.

    DSP Asmadi said the worker found the office safe open and about RM7,500 missing.

    “The safe had not been pried open. Rather the suspects opened it using the correct combination and a key.

    “Only the temple’s chairman and secretary have a key to the safe,” he said Wednesday.

    “We have obtained four sets of fingerprints from the scene. Checks on the closed-circuit television (CCTV) equipment found that the suspect had also taken the tapes with them.”

    The case is being investigated under Section 457 of the Penal Code for housebreaking.