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By Malkeet Singh

Malkeet-FbSeveral years ago, whilst I was driving to work along Jalan Kuching, I witnessed a car run over the legs of a fallen motorcyclist. In those years, there was a toll plaza at Jalan Kuching [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]. I quickly paid the toll and had to make a split second decision either to chase after the get-away car or help the poor accident victim. I decided to help. Fortunately, I had a 4 by 4 in those days and quickly folded the rear seats so that the victim could be placed in as a comfortable position as possible.

Fortunately, another motor cyclist, an Indian, decided to help me as well. At that point, my world view of pre-conceived notions changed. I had the perception that the Chinese were very afraid to help accident victims for fear that the victim may die in their vehicle. How wrong was I? A young Chinese lady driver stopped by and offered to take the victim to the hospital. She had no qualms of helping . Because I had a larger space in my 4 by 4, we decided it would be more convenient for me to rush the victim to hospital.
At the emergency ward of the KL GH [Kuala Lumpur General Hospital] after the usual formalities were over, I asked the accident victim, a Malay, if I could call his family to let them know of the accident. He was most thankful and I proceeded to work.

On reaching my office, I received a phone call from a Malay gentleman asking if I had left any money at the then UMBC ATM machine in Jalan Sultan Sulaiman by accident. I said there is a strong probability but it was several weeks ago and even that in all honesty I was not sure. Anyway, this honest gentleman was a bank staff of the then UMBC who had access to the ATM machine after I left. He saw RM300 cash and took it. After his transaction was over, he reported to the bank who then had to trace the transactions and help identify who had left the cash at the ATM. And that was how they managed to trace me. I was so thankful and wonderstruck by how the Universe functioned!

Call it a a coincidence or a miracle, it did happen. Over the years I realised that eventful day involved Malaysians of different races helping each other irrespective of colour, creed or race. There, the Universe was articulating its karmic payback.

With kind thoughts, prayers, lots of love. – ASIA SAMACHAR (23 Feb 2015)

Malkeet Singh runs a Kuala Lumpur-based advertising agency. Lately, he has started unleashing his thoughts on his Facebook page. This article is adopted from one of his recent postings.

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  1. Nice to read your experience! Well done Bro….We Sikhs are very helpful to anyone who needs some help in any situation! God bless you and keep up with your Spirit…!!