Ageing gracefully, living life to the fullest

| Mrs Jagjeet Singh | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 9 Sept 2015 | Asia Samachar |

The Sikh Women’s Awareness Network (SWAN) recently held a series of health-related talks. In the ‘Ageing Gracefully’ session on Sept 6 at Gurdwara Sahib Pulapol, Kuala Lumpur,  motivational consultant and trainer Mrs Jagjeet Singh encourged the 40-odd participants to live life to the fullest.

Two typical scenarios of two senior citizens:

1. “ I have nothing to do! Aiyooo life is so boring La!”

2. “ I have so much to do! My plate is too full! But I can handle it all! It’s within my stride! I CAN! I BELIEVE I CAN!”

Which are you?

Having got the participants of a wide range in age and of both genders engaged right from the start in doing some physical movements and simple basic exercises, the participants soon saw themselves enjoying as they tried to repeat the exercises so as not to forget them. Exercise got them all quickly excited and enthusiastic about new ways in maintaining good health.

The emphasis was regular exercise and that one has to be disciplined, determined and diligent and make exercise part of one’s lifestyle. That was key to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The participants were soon convinced of the many benefits of being consistent in whatever exercise they chose to do. Every one had to take exercise seriously to benefit from it. Using just two water-filled Coco-Cola bottles of different sizes, the participants soon learnt how to substitute for weights and strengthen their biceps, triceps and their spine; thus retarding the common ailments and infirmities of old age.

The talk then moved on to some practical fun ways the participants can live their life to the fullest. From exercise, the talk moved on to nutrition and  a proper diet, a suitable lifestyle of creativity and not being afraid to try out new things without feeling they are growing old; and then to lead a life of love and positive relationships towards  a Healthier HAPPIER Life.

SWAN talk on ageing at Gurdwara Sahib Pulapol by Mrs Jagjeet Singh (right). Insert: SWAN president xxx presenting token of appreciation to Jagdev Singh who spoke at another of its events.
SWAN talk on ageing at Gurdwara Sahib Pulapol by Mrs Jagjeet Singh (right). Insert: SWAN president xxx presenting token of appreciation to Jagdev Singh who spoke at another of its events.


The final takeaways were some simple basic tips as to what each one can do towards this magical  life of ‘live and learn and love’.

Using personal day-to-day life experiences based on my own life, I led the audience to analyse their own lives and to identify subtly with some of their circumstances and how to deal with them.

Next, the talk moved on from the physical aspects of strengthening the body to the mental strength and development of the brain and how to retard forgetfulness.

Since forgetfulness is something most seniors and even the young are experiencing, there was a need to show ways to improve brain health. They learnt how to acquire new information and to store it.

One way was to frequently read and write. If you don’t use it, you soon lose it. We all know that this cycle of learning, remembering and forgetting continues throughout our life. No one is spared but it depends on each one and how often you use the brain. No one should say he or she is too old to learn and that something is too complicated. Then you are ageing wisely.

After several examples of how to stay active via several social connections and happenings, involved with sports activities, religious activities and family gatherings, it’s time to move on to family holidays together, cooking together and dining at home more than eating out – today’s latest fad.


Next, nutrition and diet. The 5 whites – milk, salt, sugar, flour and rice – should be taken sparingly as these were the dangerous food items that brought about illnesses and poor health. If these had to be included in the diet, then herbs and spices ought to be added to make them less toxic and harmful to our bodies.

It is important to do something useful every day and to have a goal in life; otherwise one will be like a wanderer not knowing where one is going.

The  3 main takeaways amongst the rest were:

  1. Have something to do daily in your life.
  2. Have something to hope for in your life.
  3. Have someone to love and that someone to love you. Humans need to be LOVED TO BE HAPPY; ie human relationships.


The final message that was repeatedly emphasized was to live a simple life without all those frills as those stress you out.

Keep away from heavily processed foods on the shelves of the supermarkets mushrooming all over the country; and to put on your reading glasses – you senior citizens and please read the ingredients before you fill your trolley with more foodstuff especially canned food. Go for natural food away from the preservatives and chemicals. Put away your whatsapp and go to sleep for your body needs that rest. Above all, live simply and creatively.


Mrs Jagjeet Singh, also known as Mrs J, is a motivational consultant, trainer  and nordic walking coach. She is a tireless community worker



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  1. I enjoyed reading about the SWAN meeting. I try to do things like the above at our gurduera here with relatively lmodest success. At least 95 percent of the seniors have started some kind of work out. I teach yoga. Nutrition is the biggest challenge. Livving with children and grand children is challenging for them. They don’t share their concerns lest it turns into a scandal.
    Terrific job SWAN! Keep going.