Sikh Youth NZ host another turban day

 | Auckland, New Zealand | 21 Dec 2016 | Asia Samachar |
TURBAN BEAUTY: A young lady tries on the turban at Sikh Youth New Zealand hosted turban and food stall at Silo Park, New Zealand – PHOTO / SUPPLIED

Sikh Youth New Zealand hosted a turban and food stall at Silo Park on Dec 16-17 as part of an event focused on Indian culture.

The group was approached by Fresh Concepts, the organisers of Silo Park events, who had previously been to the Auckland Turban Day and believed it would be great to see the colourful turbans in giving Aucklanders a taste of Indian cultures.

Aucklanders again had an opportunity to experience what it’s like having a turban tied on their heads and learn about the religious and societal values behind wearing a turban.

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Prior to tying a turban on the attendees, it was first explained that no alcohol or cigarettes may be consumed while having a turban on. The attendees were then asked to pick the turban style and colour that they wanted to try.

While having the turban tied, they learnt about the historical significance of the turban and the values of equality and leadership that a turban represents.

“A turban is a significant part of the Sikhi ‘uniform’ given to us by our beloved Guru Gobind Singh Ji. We wear it as our crown and it represents honour, self-respect, courage and spirituality to us. It reminds us of the Guru Ji’s teachings and that we must uphold them”, explained Deepa Orange, one of the turban tiers at the event.

The participants were then given the opportunity to take a photo and walk around the park with the turban on, provided they understood and respected the rules of taking care of a turban.

In a note to Asia Samachar, Harvinderjit Singh (Harvin Hans), the coordinator for Sikh youth group, said: “The kids that experienced wearing a turban will now hopefully have a more open minded perspective of the turban and be more accepting towards their turban/patka friends in the future, and the adults that experienced wearing a turban will hopefully now look at a sardar and smile at the fact that they have experienced having one on their head, even for a few hours.

“We believe that our project will be a topic of conversation amongst people that had the experience of wearing a turban and hope they will be able to pass on the message of Equality as being one of the main reasons behind why Sikhs wear turbans.”

The youth also ran a food stall on both days serving masala chai, samosas and pakoras to fund raise for their future events including the Gurmat Samelan 2017 – Forts of Anandpur Sahib, which will be taking place from 19th to 22nd January.



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