Bangkok Sikhs to hold chabeel to honour Guru Arjan martyrdom

| Bangkok, Thailand | 27 May 2017 Asia Samachar |

Bangkok Sikhs are organising the Chabeel Day, distribution of free drinks in conjunction with the martyrdom of Guru Arjan, on two occasions.

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Centre will old its chabeel at Charan Sanitwong Soi 11 on 4 June (12pm-4pm) while Thai-Sikh Sewa Group will hold another chabeel at the Govenor House of Bangkok (in front of Benjamarajalai & Bharat School) on 29 May (11.30am onwards).

The Gurdwara Guru Nanak Centre will also be holding an akhand path from 8.30pm on Wednesday (31 May) till 6pm on Saturday (3 June), followed by a kirtan and katha programme until 8.30pm.

The programme will be broadcast live on GNC Cable Charansanitwong Channel.

Chabeel, literally in Punjabi, means way or place where drinking water is available. The word has been used when free drinks are served, mostly in conjunction with the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs.

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In Punjab and many other places, the martydom was observed towards the end of May.

Guru Arjan Dev became the first Sikh martyr in 1606 after he refused to change the Sikh scriptures as ordered by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. When Guru Arjan Dev refused, he was tortured to death by being made to sit on a red hot plate whilst hot sand was poured over him, according to a statement by prepared by SikhPA for the week.

“Instead of remembering this event through mourning, the Guru taught the Sikhs to accept Gods will as sweet. Therefore, Sikhs changed negativity to positivity by turning an attack upon them into a chance to serve others. We honour the Guru’s burning by cooling everyone else. This is Chardi-Kala,” read a statement by UK-based Sikh Press Association (SikhPA) that has been organising a Chabeel Week annually.

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