Malkit Singh Live in Concert in Malaysia – CMSO




Pyare jio,

Gurfateh ||


To raise funds for its many community development programmes, the Coalition of Malaysian Sikh Organisations is organising a Fund Raising Concert with the evergreen Punjabi singer, MALKIT SINGH (MBE) of UK as follows:

Date: Sunday, 30th November, 2014

Time: 8.00 pm onwards

Venue: S.U.K. Auditorium, Shah Alam

Ticket details:

GOLD: RM200.00 per ticket

SILVER: RM100.00 per ticket

Please watch this space for details on availability of tickets.

Please lock in your evening.


The Coalition Projects for which we are raising funds are:

1. Joint Parchaar Initiative – we have been bringing qualified parcharaks for katha and classes since 2011.

2. English Enrichment Programme – recently launched to upgrade the declining english language skills.

3. Kuala Lumpur Punjabi Arts and Film Festival (KLPAFF) coming up in 2015. Designed to promote Punjabi/Sikh culture/values and arts and at the same time discover, nurture and promote local talent in the various facets of KLPAFF. These include, for 2015, short films, photography, fashion and music.

4. Malaysian Sikh Archives and Resource Centre – to collect, document and preserve our history and heritage in Malaysia. To facilitate research and study of Sikhi and Punjabiat by being the one stop centre for resources.

5. Community Internet TV – is being discussed and hopefully would be a reality soon.

6. Social Issues and Socio-economic Research Study on the community is underway.

7. Political Awareness Programme – to organise seminars and workshops to help the community make informed decisions in participating in the political processes of the country. Also encourage new graduates to take up internships with MPs and ADUNs.


Our 8 member organisations are serving the community through various projects, some of which are as follows:

a. Khalsa Diwan Malaysia – Punjabi education throughout the country through the PECs.

b. Sant Sohan Singh Ji Melaka Memorial Society – Gurmat Studies programme throughout the country. Certificate and Diploma Courses offered through distance learning and classes at GSPJ. Gurmat Learning Circles in other areas being set up with full time facilitators appointed.

c. Malaysian Sikh Education Aid Fund – provides financial assistance to students to pursue higher education in the country.

d. Sikh Welfare Society Malaysia – provides welfare assistance to many needy families throughout the country.

e. Sikh Women’s Awareness Network (SWAN) – actively upgrading the skills and empowering Sikh women to be the best they can be and simultaneously ensure their families prosper. SWAN is also preparing for launching a Sikh Sunday School programme for Sikh children in gurduaras in 2015.

f. Malaysian Sikh Union – assisting students with their national exams through revision seminars.

g. Guru Nanak Guru Gobind Singh Foundation – Serving the spiritual needs of the community through facilitating good kirtan and katha programmes in gurduaras.

h. Guru Kalgidhar Diwan Malaysia – education and empowerment of the community through seminars.


We hope to raise funds for the above community development programmes. Please support us…


Guru raakhaa

Autar Singh,

Secretary General,

Coalition of Malaysian Sikh Organisations


  1. Bhai to Bhai,all Sikhs brothers and sisters please advise if you can help build a Khalsa International school in Jakarta,adjacent to our Gurdwara Sahib on a hectare land near the BSD-Bintaro Toll in the south of Jakarta.
    Good prospects.Five other international schools in the neighborhood within 5/6 kilometers