A Will to Walk, A Will to Share, A Will to Care

Dr Naginder Kaur | Perlis, Malaysia | Asia Samachar | 20 April 2015
Author Dr Naginder (second from right) with some of the super fit featured walkers (L-R) Ram Singh, Dandi, Sabastian, David Arthowe. - PHOTO BY JESMESH PHOTOGRAPHY
Author Dr Naginder (second from right) with some of the super fit featured walkers (L-R) Ram Singh, Dandi, Sabastian, David Arthowe. – PHOTO BY JESMESH PHOTOGRAPHY

Dr Naginder Kaur, a senior lecturer at a local university and also an active volunteer for the Punjabi language education in her state of Perlis, shares with ASIA SAMACHAR her experience on the first day of the Good Will Walk event yesterday.


The day I had awaited was here! Yes, it’s Good Will Walk 2015 (GWW). As a Perlisian, I felt proud for being able to witness this momentous event in my tiny state. GWW 2015 is themed, “Seiring Sejalan”, with an objective of creating awareness to feed the homeless in Malaysia.

Err … but why are we starting from Wang Kelian; such a remote place and arguably unsafe, as contended by some. The drive to Wang Kelian was smooth with no hiccups and before 5 am, we were at the starting point, that is, Taman Negeri Perlis, Wang Kelian. When I stepped foot at Taman Negeri Perlis, I was awestruck and totally taken in by the lush greenery, serenity and tranquility of this ecotourism hub, tucked away about 50km from Kangar.

To me, Wang Kelian has been practically non-existent and non-hyped destination, albeit 20 years of residing in this state.  I have been there only once before, to shop at the duty free weekend market at the border, and that was it. I immediately understood why this place was the choice of Day 1 departure, to kick start this walk, besides the fact that it’s the northern most tip of Malaysia. It brought about a deep sense of appreciation of the place, with its beautiful flora and fauna that abounds all around. Walking through this part of the state which people generally dismiss as a sleepy hollow or hidey-hole for communists totally altered my perception and was simply a mesmerizing and exhilarating experience for all of us.

On a personal level, participating in GWW is a feat in itself.  For a non sports person like me, I felt awkward and even intimidated and daunted at first, being the only female threading the winding and tumultuous route, alongside a group of 20 super fit males. In a soliloquy, I wondered if I would ever manage the hilly terrain of Wang Kelian, with these seasoned sportsmen. I had underestimated myself, as we actually clocked 28 kilometres, slightly beyond four hours. Throughout the walk, there was never a dull moment, as I had the wonderful company of my Veerjis, with whom I bounced lots of ideas and insightful thoughts. When there is a will to walk, there is goodwill walk. I outdid myself, and to the rest of the team, it was a fantastic start and a good record on Day 1 of the walk.

GWW which began today is expected to cover about 782km, all the way to Melaka, establishing bonds and meaningful friendships at every step of the way. So, my dear brothers and sisters, come out in droves to support GWW and make it a memorable event for you too, as it has been for me.

I do hope GWW will continue to make bigger strides, and will be gazetted as a yearly event in the Ministry of Tourism calendar, as it brings people from different walks of life to walk together in the spirit of 1Malaysia, and 1World, thus, recognising the human race as one.  For this, an applause to United Sikhs for the marvelous effort.


[The writer is a Senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi MARA Perlis] 


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