Granthi bashing: 15 Satkar Committee members booked

Punjab | Asia Samachar | 25 April 2015
Video grab of the granthi bashing by the so-called stacker committee members from one corner of Punjab
Video grab of the granthi bashing by the so-called stacker committee members from one corner of Punjab

Punjab police have detained at least 15 people in connection to a granthi bashing incident in the Kapurthala, Punjab, that shocked many after its video footage made rounds on the social media front.

Describing the incident as  ‘shocking’, a Tribune News Service report said the incident involved the thrashing of three granthis allegedly by the members of Satkar Committee.

The Kapurthala police had slapped an attempt to murder, kidnapping and other charges on the 15 persons. Sukhjit Singh Khosa was identified as the head of the Lohian Khas satkar committee, the report added.

The video showed a group of Sikh men thrashing one-by-by the three granthis in an enclosed room. The incident was captured on video with a voiceover in Punjabi, purportedly trying to justify the actions of the men involved.

One of the victims, an elderly man, could be seen lying on the floor voluntarily. When the beating started, he got up crying in pain, trying to stop the man form continuing the bashing with the bat. At that point, his turban came off.


Gurnam Singh, residents of Khwaspur village in Taran Taran, told the police that on March 27, they had gone to conduct akhand path at some religious place in Sidhupur village near Shahkot.

“On March 29, when we were returning home, three persons kidnapped and took us to an isolated place in Pamna village near Sultanpur Lodhi. We were brutally beaten up by over 12 persons with bats on the plea that akhand path cannot be conducted at ancestral place,” said the granthis to the police adding that they belonged to Satkar Committee.

Apart from beating them up, they also videographed the entire thrashing episode and later uploaded it in the Facebook and other social networking sites, alleged the victims.



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  1. These people are planted in the Sikh Panth so that they can move the Sikhs away from reading the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and merely praying to it as if it is a statue. The excuse these idiots give is respect for the Guru. This is utter nonsense. The Bani is for reading, understanding and practising, not merely bowing. Time to stand up to these rogues!

  2. Satkar committees or IS style policing of the public. What on earth is happening? These lot should be given the full force of the law and made to pay for what they are doing. We do not need any Satkar committees if this is what they are about. Time for SGPC and the Akal takth to get in the fray and sort all these idiots out. What is obvious to me we have a bunch of strong young men beating the shit out of weak older folks. I rather not be a Sikh if we are going to condone such an approach to handling minor perceived lapses.