Dr Simardeep back at KL sangeet festival

ManPreet Kaur | Ampang, Malaysia| 21 Aug 2015 | Asia Samachar |
Dr Simardeep Kaur will be one of the kirtanis at the Bhai Mardana Sangeet Festival 2015.
Dr Simardeep Kaur will be one of the kirtanis at the Bhai Mardana Sangeet Festival 2015.

Jakarta and Singapore will be present at Bhai Mardana Sangeet Festival set to take place in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 22 and 23. MANPREET KAUR, a member of the organising team, tells us the who’s who at the Malaysian-made festival.

We are in our final leg into this year’s Bhai Mardana Sangeet Festival (BMSF). There will be 23 jathas doing kirtan over two days, including one jatha from Jakarta and one from Singapore.

We have a group from the Sikh Sewaks Singapore. The trio is made up of husband-wife Meninder Kaur and Rajeshpal Singh. Meninder’s brother Balvinder plays the tabla. Meninder has been trained in classical music. This will be their fourth year participating in BMSF.

Dr Simardeep Kaur, a doctor from Jakarta and married in Malaysia, will be back for the second year. She will be accompanied by her cousin sister Harshahista Kaur also from Jakarta.

Other young talent to look out for are the Nishaan Kirtani Jatha (Selayang), Prabhjeevan Singh, Sachpreet Kaur who was a revelation at the Butterworth, Penang, leg of BMSF, and the students from the SGGS Academy.

Also our favourite kirtanis whom we have grown up listening to – Parkash Kirtani Jatha (PKJ) combo of lawyers Harcharanjeet Singh and Balvinder SIngh. We fondly call them Raja and Belay. There is also the SGGS Academy (Sunil Rajwant), Sentul Jatha, Kemey Veerji and Bhavbhanjan Kaur.

And finally the youth who have been doing wonderful kirtan in our gurdwaras in recent years. We have the talented sisters Amrit & Ajeet (Subang), Satpreet Kaur, Mohkham Singh, brother and sister acapella combo Harinder Kaur and Updesh Singh – all of whom who do breathtaking and blissful kirtan.

Join us this weekend! See on Aug 22 and 23 at Gurdwara Sahib Ulu Kelang in Ampang, Selangor.


For more information, check out the Facebook: Bhai Mardana Sangeet Festival – BMSF


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