Ipoh gurdwara issue show cause letter to members who joined protest

| Ipoh, Malaysia | 28 May 2016 | Asia Samachar |
SHOW CAUSE LETTER: WGSI letter send to members who took part in a 6 March protest - PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR
SHOW CAUSE LETTER: WGSI letter send to members who took part in a 6 March protest – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

The row over membership at Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh (WGSI), which saw police being called to its annual general meeting (AGM) in February, takes a new twist.

This week, some members who took part in a post-AGM protest have begun receiving show cause letters for allegedly bringing ‘disrepute to the good name’ of the gurdwara.

The show cause letter comes two months after a group of members protested at the gurdwara to demand the resignation of the president of the gurdwara management committee (GMC).

The trigger to the 6 March protest came a week earlier at its AGM on 28 Feb.

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SEE ALSO: Police show up at Ipoh gurdwara AGM 

Then, some members had found that they had been expelled for not updating their membership fee, also known as chandaa. In the past, members had routinely been allowed to update their membership prior to the AGM, according to members spoken to earlier.

“During the said protest, you had participated in the said protest particularly in the Gurdwara compound which was unbecoming of a Member of the Gurdwara, thus bringing disrepute to the good name of the Management Committee, Gurdwara Sahib and subsequently acting in a manner detrimental to the good name of the Gurdwara Sahib,” reads the showcause letter.

Asia Samachar had cited a copy of one letter dated 20 May 2016 and signed by Amarjit Singh Gill as the WGSI president. At press time, Amarjit had not responded to queries sent to him on the matter.

“They are trying to turn the gurdwara into a private members’ club,” one WGSI member who had participated in the protest tells Asia Samachar.

In the letter, Amarjit said that the WGSI gurdwara management committee (GMC) had received ‘various complaints’ on the 6 March protest.

The letter is asking members to respond as to why ‘disciplinary action should not be taken’ again them as a gurdwara member ‘based on your above conduct’.

The members have been given 10 days to respond, failing which the GMC will ‘deliberate and decide with whatever information it has in hand to this matter and the course of action to be taken’.

The 28 Feb AGM had grabbed the attention of local Sikhs when photos of police presence at gurdwara compound began making its rounds via the social media.

In related incidents, two active gurdwara volunteers were later held by the police for investigations connected to the AGM, and later charged in the court. One of them had passed away since.


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  1. ‘STOP blaming MGC,it has no legal powers to intervene. IT can only negotiate to bring abt settlement.’

    MGC is not blamed but it should be PROACTIVE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. This is important as MGC is the umbrella body of Gurdwaras and any disrepute on one will definitely adversely effect others.

    MGC should realize the implications if ROS were to take over the Management of ‘WGSI’ whose officers may have little respect-sensitiviey for the religious status of Gurdwaras.


  2. Totally Agreed that the Gurdwaras belong to the Sangat but in almost all cases the Sanggat shows little or no interest in the way the GMCs are managed or function. Thus Members of GMCs tend to consider that the Gurdwaras as their personal fiefdoms. This then creates risks of MISMANAGEMENT-FRAUD-CORRUPTION-BRIBERY-KICKBACKS to Gurdwaras’ Funds and Assets and Facilities.

    To minimize the above risks it is important that there be TRANSPARENCY of USAGE-MANAGEMENT of

    This should be followed by ACCOUNTABILITY but is only possible if there is MONITORING by SANGGAT members and not a hands-of approach or attitude. SANGGAT LEADERS should show interest in the MANAGEMENT AND FUNCTIONS of the Gurdwaras-NGOs.

    DASWAND CAN BE IN THE FORM OF CASH-ASSETS and also in the form of TIME-EXPERTISE but this requires INTEREST and Sikh Professionals/Leaders can give their DASWAND by their EXPERTISE if time is not available.
    This may also apply to NGOs.

  3. The gurdwara belongs to the sangat. Hence, the honourable solution to this shameful episode is for the current management committee to resign and allow all members who are eligible to vote based upon the constitution and past practices to elect the preferred management committee. A dictatorial approach will only worsen the situation. May Waheguru provide wisdom and courage to those who most need it.

  4. OFTEN It is best solutions are sought officially than under the table likr being suggested. IT IS OBVIOUS the President is unreasonable snd shoeing ego led behaviour .zit is almost 6 months since this began.

    Doing it officially with RoS etc involved will also show future committee how not to behave and instill not only confidence in the sangat but will also educate hos yo handle such situations in future,should they need to do do..

    I find this suggestion of local deals an appalling suggestion and a willingness upon some to cover up .Work the by book act by the book,action by the bookbook. Should keep all above the board.

    Amusing ,the mentality of under table does this not go away.
    STOP blaming MGC,it has no legal powers tiono interpene. IT can only negotiate to bring abt settlement .

  5. Leave ROS and media out as this may create more disrepute. If outsiders are involved the losers will be thd SANGGAT and community.

  6. The best solution would be for the present ‘GMC’ of the ‘WGSI’ resign and a elections be held to elect new ‘MGC’.
    I had made this suggestion in one of my earlier comments as the problem may continue as long as the present ‘MGC’ remains in office.

    I repeat again that this is one case where Mal Gurd Council should be proactive, if it has not done so, and solve the dispute. Other Ipoh Sikh leaders should use their wisdom for common good and not stand idly by or take sides for whatever reason.
    Hope wisdom over self interest will prevail as none may want to listen to WAHE GURU JI.

  7. hahaha, the POT calling the kettle black!Is this president a JOKE?who are his advisors?Even the Guru Ji did not send a show cause letter to his Chali Mukte.

    EGM has to be the answer.report him to the ROS, and get the national Media involved, all will get to know his real personality and goody goody image he presents!

  8. Inviting Police into the Gurdwara compound did not bring disrepute to the Community at large? This committee has to be removed before more damage is done.

  9. This action may have opened a Pandoras box and may only bring disrepute to the WGSI GMC in particular and the Sikh community in general. The dispute may become public if any party were to bring in ROS or
    any party were to take legal action of which Sikhs are well known. Both litigants may want to score points by running down other party. This will be like washing dirty linen in public and all involved will be soiled.
    This is one case where Mal Gurd Council should be proactive, if it has not done so, and solve the dispute. Other Ipoh Sikh leaders should use their wisdom for common good and not stand idly by or take sides for whatever reason.
    Hope wisdom over self interest will prevail as mone may want to listen to WAHE GURU JI.